Gamespot Presents Platform Awards

Gamespot's daily awards continue with the platform awards. Spanning all major consoles and handhelds, the video features the best of the best on each platform.

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-Alpha3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Thought I'd submit the whole video instead of having multiple news articles posting individual console winners :)

Surprised to see Demon's Souls take the PS3 GOTY, BUT it is highly deserving of the award.

Though the expected GOTY is now up for debate, I will absolutely LOVE it if Demon's Souls wins the whole freaking thing.

UC2 is great, but Demon's Souls is just as good if not better IMO. Both are tied for my personal GOTY picks.

I can't believe AC2 won 360 GOTY. I mean, it's a great game but I never understood the logic of awarding a multiplatform game the win when exclusive titles are also nominated.

Ultimately I've learned how lackluster the effort was on the 360 end this year with exclusive titles and how diverse the PS3 end was. I mean, Demon's Souls winning (and being my personal tie with UC2) is extraordinary. I was completely convinced UC2 was the clear winner until I started playing Demon's Souls.

Anyways, thought I'd throw my 2 cents in :)

Fabulous year.

Now I will wait for Boxing Day (AKA cheap gamer's Christmas) to go over any games I've missed this year. I'm eye-balling Batman Arkham Asylum or inFamous.

alphakennybody3274d ago

Demon's souls is my fav game of this gen so far, uc2 is third right behind inFamous. It does alot of things so right you hardly notice flaws, because the level of immersion is overwhelming. You don't bother to look for any, the game sucks you in completely into its world as you play.

Two-Face3274d ago

I want Demon's Souls so much, but I do not import any games.

I want the game to come to europe.

TruEve3274d ago

Thanks for posting the entire Platform Awards instead of just the individual awards. Bugs me when people do that.

- PC: Seems about right Dragon Age is the truth.

- PS3: Demon's Souls HAPPILY surprised me since Uncharted 2 seemed destined to win based on scores and popularity. My GOTY as well.

- 360: I honestly thought it would have gone to Forza 3. But AC2 is an awesome game. I still need to buy that.

- DS & PSP: No brainers there LOL!

- Wii: Toss up in my opinion. Could have gone to New Super Mario Bros. and Overkill as well. I guess I should rent Dead Space Extraction.


System Wars went nuts over Demon's Souls RPG GOTY LMFAO! I hope it wins overall GOTY!

Darkeyes3274d ago

Demon Souls Rocks man. I once took an odd jab at it saying if this scored 9 on Edge, they should give UC2 a 10 easily, but how wrong was I (not in saying UC2 deserves a 10.. Both game are a 10 in my book), but Demon Souls is really close to UC2 in terms of GOTY.... I loved the online integration, loved the difficulty of the game and it's really satisfying to play and defeat a boss cause you actually Achieve something....

More games like DS are required this gen.

TenSteps3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Just because there are exclusive titles that are nominated along with multiplatform games doesn't merit an instant win for the exclusive title.

If there is a multiplatform title nominated it's because it's good and it could win but there are games that can be viewed as better. I mean let's pretend that the nominees for the 360 GotY are Raven Squad, Assassins Creed 2, Risen, and Infernal: Hell's Vengeance although there are exclusives on the list we all know in this situation the multiplatform game is the better choice right.

Multiplatform games have just as much chances of winning these things as an exclusive. Exclusivity does not give games a free pass to quality and Game of the Year awards are about awarding the game that has the best quality among the chosen nominees in the opinion of whoever is the author.

Jamescagney3274d ago

I've been playing Demons Souls today (Merry Xmas!) and it is a stunning game. I've spent 4 hours just on the first level and have died quite a few times, and I'm loving every minute of it. Everything I've heard about this game is true.

Definitely deserving of its award. Now I've got to wait for everyone to finish watching all the crap on the tv and go to bed before I can get back on it, I need another hdtv.

ReservoirDog3163274d ago

I loved Uncharted 2. It was really really good (see my bio). But I don't think I've ever been more immersed in a game than the first time I got invaded in DS.

I was playing co op and the black phantom snuck up behind my partner and killed him. It was a brutal fight but I ended up pushing him off the castle walls killing him. It was so cool.

DS just puts you on the edge of your seat. It's perfect.

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Gun_Senshi3274d ago

bring demon's souls to europe

NYC_Gamer3274d ago

can my fellow ps3 brothers&sisters explain to me what Demon Souls is about..

DigitalAnalog3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

It is the most innnovative and hardcore RPG series you will have this generation. Never in your life would you underestimate your everyday NPC. Everything in this game is out to kill you, including the game itself (connecting ONLINE IS A MUST but it also increases the danger of someone killing you). Death is synonymous with this game and don't be surprised to find hours upon hours of experience and currency all blown away by even the "cheapest" of shots.

HOWEVER, the satisfaction of defeating any BOSS or finishing a level is exhiliarating and they even award you a trophy for it and you would feel that the trophies ARE just that worth it (heck these are the ONLY trophies that are worth bragging to other gamers cause they too know the hardship to obtain it).

The game is all about tactics and just having a high level is not enough for the challenges ahead.

***Be warned, the game is definitely hardcore. Pick it up, especially if you are an JRPG fan (though it doesn't play like any JRPG you ever heard of).

NYC_Gamer3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

I like games that challenge the player so i'll most def pick up this is the combat/story?

Johnny Rotten3274d ago

Demons Souls is like that extremely hot chick you've had your eyes on for so long. Finally you get to take her home and upon doing so you find out she just so happens to wearing her favorite pieces of leather and brought along a gag-ball, chains and whips for some extra enjoyment!

Myze3274d ago

The game is not a traditional RPG. It's much more of an Action RPG, similar to a mix between...hmm, kind of odd, but Zelda and Diablo. Not sure if that's an accurate description. What DigitalAnalog said isn't completely true though about being innovative. Yes, there a few unique aspects, but it's very similar to the King's Field series (although much better, I didn't even really like King's Field).

The point to the game is collecting demon's souls, which drop from every enemy, and special ones from bosses and mini-bosses. You can spend them on weapons/armor, spells and leveling up.

There is a story, but it's not really worth speaking about, because it's pretty straight forward and bland, but that's not what will draw you into the game anyway. The game is hard, but not ridiculously so. Again, the previous post, as many people have, exaggerates a LOT, especially about the trophy thing. The game is hard, but there are far more difficult trophies to get in other games. Besides, I would laugh at anyone trying to "show off" trophies as if they were better than someone else. This game is nothing in difficulty compared to something like NG on hard or DMC (especially 3) on hardest. For your first playthrough of the game, at least the first few times through to bosses, you will be annoyed by dying. However, you will quickly learn, though, that each death is your own fault, and not because of something cheap that the game threw at you. The bosses themselves are pretty tough (some much more so than others), but the hardest part for you will probably be getting to the bosses alive.

The game is great, and while it is a "hardcore" game, it's not something you have to be a "hardcore" gamer to play. It doesn't require twitch gameplay and it's not extremely fast paced, but it does require large amounts of strategy and tactics which you WILL learn if you progress through the game.

As for relating to the article: UC2 was my GotY by a large margin. Not only was it the most fun and engaging game, but it clearly had the most heart and time put into it, which I greatly respect. While Demon's Souls would be my 2nd or 3rd choice (which is saying a lot considering all the great games released this year), I would have to stay with UC2. That being said though, UC2 will end up with most sites' GotY, so maybe it's ok to let DS have this one. ;)

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