Top 5 Xbox 360 Exclusives Released in 2009

The Xbox 360 had another strong year of game releases thanks to some great exclusive games. So which of the Xbox 360-only titles released in 2009 were the best?

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Microsoft HQ2831d ago

no such thing as xbox exclusives! maybe extensions of multiplat games you can buy separately!

Johnny Rotten2831d ago

2 halo's, an arcade game, Forza, and GTA DLC... I'm speechless.

Bnet3432831d ago

Wasn't exactly the best year for the Xbox 360, but you're a fool if you think those games are bad.

2831d ago
Saaking2831d ago

FINALLY, a list with all exclusives. Good list. I personally didn't like Halo Wars (not an RTS person), ODST was a letdown, but the other three are good (except ones a DL game)..

Zaaking2831d ago

FINALLY, a list with all exclusives. Good list. I personally loved Halo Wars (an RTS person), ODST was amazing fun, and the other three are good (except ones a DL game)..

Optical_Matrix2831d ago

lmao @ Zaaking. Saaking, you have a clone!?!?! :O

JokesOnYou2831d ago

I would have included L4D2, PC or not its still a great console exclusive that most 360 gamers should play....Shadow Complex was an arcade game, but it was better than many of the $60 games I played this year.


swiftshot932831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

I agree with JOY that L4D2 should be on the list. Doesnt matter if anyone thinks its L4D 1.5, its still fun as hell to play. It should replace Halo Wars.

Also GTA DLC is ace, Rockstar is awesome.

Edit: LMAO @ Zaaking

camachoreloaded88062831d ago

I really hope he's here to stay, hahaha

Killjoy30002831d ago

I cannot believe that you can just stand by and find this lackluster year acceptable. PS3 fans sure as hell didn't take this kind of treatment in 2007 and look how far it has gotten them - PS3 has the three highest rated exclusives this generation and numerous other fantastic games backing them. You can sit there and pretend like MS did alright this year, but you'd only be lying to yourself.

Thankfully, 2010 is looking up for the 360. But lets just hope that the rest of the year is as consistent as their Q1 release window.

mal_tez922831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

5. A crappy spin off of a popular but now dying series

4. An arcade game

3. An even crappier spin off

2. The actually one game that looks fun (although I haven't played it myself, I really want to)

1. An expansion pack

Not a great year for the 360, the couldn't even list 1 other honourable mention, the PS3 list had 8 other great games that didn't make the top 5

Rampant2831d ago

I guess Alan Wake, Mass Effect 2, Halo Reach, Bioshock 2, Lost Planet 2, Bayonetta, FFXIII, Dead Space 2, Splinter Cell, Natal are MS way of saying:

"Hey guys, we know we had a crap 2009, but here are som games that will last you through 2010, 2011 and most of 2012 okai?"

Traveler2830d ago

I definitely bought more PS3 exclusives this year, but the 360's lineup isn't as bad as some people are trying to make it out to be.

For my PS3 I bought: Killzone 2, Infamous, Uncharted 2

For my 360 I bought Halo ODST, Left4Dead 2, Forza 3

and there were a couple other games on both consoles that I wanted to buy but didn't get around to.

To me I don't see the huge difference that people are talking about. The PS3's was better, but not THAT much better.

Immortal3212830d ago

maybe I'm more into the whole movie like games like killzone and uncharted and mass effect and bioshock

CWMR2830d ago

-Don't you get it though? Everybody has different tastes. Some people love RTS games and loved Halo Wars as much as you or I loved Mass Effect or Uncharted 2. I personally did not like Killzone 2 all that much. It was OK, but I would rather play Left4Dead2 or ODST over that game anyday.

Sobre gustos no hay nada escrito. About tastes there is nothing written and therefor everybody is going to be different. Both machines had some great games this year and depending on your tastes one or the other might have been better. I honestly liked more games on the 360 this year than on the PS3, but I fully respect other people's right to have a different opinion.

itisa2830d ago

Seriously,if we're talking about game,2006 and 2007 wasn't a good year for Ps3 in term of exclusives and guess what,the media tagged the Ps3 "Have no games" to the highest peak of Mount Olympus,same goes for fanboys.They even made some songs about it.

And here we are in 2009,with media: "Oh the Xbox have some games,it's not that bad too,look at 2010 please or 2011".Gee,the same thing could be said for the Ps3 in 2006 and 2007,but....

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Faztkiller2831d ago

Gay tony and Shadow are great
Forza 3, ODST, Halo Wars, and TLAD i didn't really enjoy

kingdavid2831d ago

"The Xbox 360 had another strong year of game releases thanks to some great exclusive games."


Anyone should be able to admit its been a bad year for xbox without having to sugar coat everything..

jimbone2830d ago

It was a pretty weak year for MS.

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