GameSpot: Demon's Souls wins Best PS3 Game of 2009

Any way you slice it, this was an amazing year for the PS3 as the console truly came into its own. This year, outstanding, heavy-hitter exclusives made the console very much worth owning, while a steady influx of excellent cross-platform games and unique downloadable games on the PlayStation Network bolstered the console's library. But what was the best game for the system? Let's take a look.

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PixlSheX3275d ago

Demon's souls deserves it. It's an amazing game.
But Uncharted 2 is my personal goty.

umair_s513275d ago

I'm sure their overall GOTY is Uncahrted 2. They wanted to appreciate Demon's Soul so gave it PS3 game of the year

TOO PAWNED3275d ago


That makes no i said on Gamespot. Now it is obvious Uncharted 2 won't be GOTY, how can it be when DS is best PS3 game winner? Makes no sense, use some logic.

PixlSheX3275d ago

Yeah, it makes no sense. Maybe they choose DS over Uncharted 2 to make Assassins Creed II (Best 360 game) their overall goty.

SoapShoes3275d ago

Action/Adventure game of '09 according to spike was Assassins Creed 2. GOTY? Uncharted 2, which did not beat out AC2 in its own category.

raztad3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Interesting choice.

Using logic, if KZ2 > MW2 (Best Shooter) and DS>anything else (Best PS3 game), unless Gamespot comes up with something crazy like ODST or Gay Tony GOTY. I would expect DS be GOTY.

But screw logic:

"GameSpot's editors narrowly gave the nod to a fresh-faced newcomer in Demon's Souls. This highly, highly, highly unorthodox role-playing game offers huge variety in ways that many RPG fans never thought possible and, in certain cases, really shouldn't have worked (but did)."

DS is the best PS3 game for Gamespot in terms of innovation but still UC2 will be GOTY, considering its overall quality.

deadreckoning6663275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Demon's souls deserves it. It's an amazing game.
But KZ2 is my personal goty

Edit: All this predicting crap is dumb. Gamespot will give GOTY to whoever they damn well please. It could be Uncharted 2 and it could even be Forza 3. Who knows? More importantly, who cares? This is ONE source. IGN will have different winners, so will gamespy, so will one 1up, and so will every other site.

sikbeta3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

They probably use 2 different forms to give the awards

Best PS3 Game: Demon Soul, cuz is Exclusive and is Awesome

GOTY: UC2 cuz is the Best OVERALL (Multi+Exclusives), doesn't matter if it's Exclusive

Like the Spike VGA awards, A$$-assin Creed won Best Action Game and UC2 won GOTY

If you apply logic in that, UC2 is an Action/Adventure Game, so why is GOTY but no Best Action Game

I'm 99% sure GameSpot will choose UC2 as GOTY

morganfell3275d ago

Demon's Souls is a trying, brutal, bloody hackfest that requires patience, daring, courage and tactical finesse. An utterly enthralling experience with some of the most intelligent server game mechanics ever conceived.

WildArmed3275d ago

yay DS!
My personal GOTY won :)

CrazzyMan3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

All these games deserves to be a PS3 GOTY, and GOTY overall.
It depends on taste.

Worth to mention:
Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time, inFAMOUS, Flower.

nix3275d ago

actually if you look at it... i've already forgotten how UC2 was because i'm so screwed up playing Demon's Souls. i've already put in more than 40 hours, level 43 and all i have is 4 mini bosses dead. AND I'M LOVING IT!

i don't have the courage to move ahead. the game is that scary. so all i do is farm souls and upgrade. i think i should make use of White World Tendency that's there till 28th and move somewhere new.

but i think the problem is more with souls that i walk around with. everytime i venture into a new place, i gather so many souls that i'm sh!t scared to lose it so i go back to Nexus instead.

and it does not end there - how much of time i take to decide where to spend those souls i've gathered is another whole story. it's like making decisions for third world war.

HammockGames3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

It's a surprise because usually a game with over the top hype and marketing gets GOTY (often undeservedly).

For me GOTY was a coin toss between Uncharted 2 and Demon's Souls - couldn't lose with either of these 2 gems.

thor3275d ago

Cmon guys, this is how it SHOULD work. If Demon's Souls wins best PS3 game, then GOTY should be something else because obviously if a PS3 game gets GOTY then it's also best PS3 game as well. If an RPG gets GOTY then it's obviously best RPG as well. So in this case the best PS3 game is effectively 2nd place, but it's 2nd place to the GOTY which makes it OK.

Otherwise when Uncharted 2 gets GOTY it should also get best PS3 game, best shooter, best action-adventure, best game beginning with U etc.

umair_s513275d ago

Too PAwned, before you accuse me of stupidity wait for their GOTY to be revealed.

Digitaldude3275d ago

I have both, to be honest I prefer Uncharted 2 but thats me.
Demons souls is however a fantastic game, totally adds innovation to the RPG genre.

Veneno3275d ago

Well, now I can relax because finally someplace major gave Demon's Souls the cred it deserves. Like I said before, best RPG since the 16-bit era.

cmrbe3275d ago

which they picked DS. Overall game of the year will be picked by all Gamespot's editors.

Its the same situation with IGN the last couple of years. For example. IGN editors picked Uncharted 1 over COD4 as the best PS3 game but when the overall IGN game of the year was announced it was COD4 because other platform editors voted as well.

Last year it was the same situation at IGN with MGS4 wining PS3 game over Fallout 3 but then fallout 3 won overall.

I still think U2 will win GOTY09 overall because its accessiable and the best in most categoties. The real dark horse though is Batman AA.

On topic. I must say if PS3 GOTY is about which game i spent the most time on and most addictive for longer periods. Its Demon Souls.

U2 and DS is the same situation with U1 and VC for me. Both are excellent games but i found that i was more addictive to both VC and DS for longer periods of time comapre to both Uncharted. Uncahrted is fun/fast action that everyone can get into but both VC and DS grows on you slowly and last longer.

I think it will be a either U2 or Batman that wins overall.

Udidntlistenpunk3275d ago

Hardcore style. Not for the faint of heart.

Chubear3275d ago

My personal GOTY is KILLZONE2 but Demon Souls deserves all the awards it gets.

MazzingerZ3275d ago

I think Gamespot is trying to recover the status they had a year, couple of years before the "Jeff incident", any old gamer know that Gamespot's GOTY was considered by most of the gamers as the real GOTY and slowly started to lose presence.

They are trying to return the concept of GOTY to developers, to game designers not to greedy publishers like it's mostly today, used as a push to sell planned DLC during christmas....

Gamespot's 2007 GOTY was Super Mario Galaxy, 2008 GOTY was MGS4, I'm sure they hade to decide between making all their members happy (COD MW, Halo 3, Fallout 3, GTAIV) or giving the GOTY to the games that really deserved it, they chose the last.

It wouldn't surprise me to see Demon's Souls as the game of the year, but it probably will be Uncharted 2, they just wanted to show that they still know about games hence the award for Demons' Souls as best PS3 game.

Commander TK3275d ago

What now u U2 fanboys? R u gonna cry?

vhero3275d ago

public could have voted so no doubt 360 fanboys voted for everything BUT uncharted to try prove a point.

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maskedwarrior3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

I wonder if SCEA will publish instead of Atlus the sequel (if there's one) with all the critical and financial success from the first game. I think they own the IP.

-Alpha3275d ago

It says on the start menu something like "given to Atlus to distribute" or something like that.

I am almost certain SCE owns Demon's Souls since they have their "SCEA Presents" logo on it... wait a minute I take that back. Demon's Souls owns Sony!

Seriously, the game is kick ass and it's very hard for me to pick between DS and UC2.

I don't why everyone above is complaining with UC2 not winning GOTY. DS is just as worthy as a candidate.

I think DS would make an amazing GOTY from GS.

I am not too sure what their GOTY will be anymore. I pray it's not Modern Warfare 2. Don't get me wrong, I love MW2 but it's definitely not GOTY material.

MazzingerZ3275d ago

SCEJ was heavily involved in the conception of Demon's Souls, From Software is rather an average developer but thanks to that partnership they brought us an amazing game.

Atlus just got the right for publishing it in NA, they have no business with the Demon's Souls franchise, Atlus saw a chance and wanted to bring gamers an amazing game, kuddos to them!

Gago3275d ago

glad to see it is getting recognition it deserves

FiftyFourPointTwo3275d ago

HA! Even Fable 3 with Natal support wont be able to beat Demon's Souls. Sorry Xbums, but you're going to have to ask your mommy to buy you a PS3 if you really want to play this AAA game. :D

Shadow Man3275d ago

I play sales thats why I bought a xbox360.

*Xbox360 where the money is born*

3sq3275d ago

"I play sales thats why I bought a xbox360."

Of course you play sales cuz your xbox360 RROD. The only option you have left is sales.

chrisulloa3275d ago

LOL Demon Soul's. This game has no story and is just grindan'. DA:O is so much better.

Veneno3275d ago

bots rallying behind a multiplat again?

Prototype vs. inFAMOUS
Dirt vs. Motorstorm
Bayonetta vs. God of War.

now it's Demon Soul's vs. Dragon Age, of which may I remind to all that the superior version is on PS3. bots are crying out for good games, but it's like an anorexic.

happy_gilmore3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

diablo 2 had zero story, too. but it was the best hack n slash until demon's souls came along.

dragon age has a story - a lame, boring story. reading that codex and listening to the dialogue literally made me fall asleep. and this is coming from a guy who read brother karamazov in one week.oh yeah, DA's combat is as lame as its story.

i think uncharted 2 and demon's souls should be tied for GoTY. i platinum'd both.

AliTheBrit193275d ago

What is demons souls anyway? because it isn't out in Europe :) so F*ck it

saint_john_paul_ii3275d ago

your time will come when you fall into the nexus next year...

Udidntlistenpunk3275d ago

Maybe thats why you are always so bored.

hahaha unbelievable. A "gamer" that has no games to play and who admits that he has so much on his hands that he can play the sales numbers online.

XBOTS stoops to a new low.

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Two-Face3275d ago

Is this game coming to Europe? Because I do not import any games.

ikkeweer3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Had no reply that was helping though.

My sister tried to get it in New York, but they didn't have it (well some gamespot store I gave her the adress to and some other store didn't).

Guess I'll have to wait till she gets back to the US. She got me the GOW collection though, so I was still pretty damn happy.

cmacdonald3275d ago

And if you are going to import get the CE, the book you get with it is easily worth 10 bucks.

ikkeweer3275d ago

Thanx, I'll tell her that.
I'll be happy if she finds any copy though.
Btw, was this game released in Canada aswell?

No FanS Land3275d ago

yes it is in Canada, I've had it since oct. 13 I think

ikkeweer3275d ago

I'll use my last bubble to give you one, cause that is very usefull information for me, thanx

MazzingerZ3275d ago

i think it's difficult...when would you release it? probably during the summer...the problem with SCEE waiting until the last minute is that since it's region-free many many have already played the game, a couple of big online VG retailers here in scandinavia sell the imported copy

I'm sure it's the same case in many countries across Europe.

I REALLY hope they release it sooner or later, maybe with additional missions or something extra.

I'm currently playing the NA version. AWESOME!

Udidntlistenpunk3275d ago

You just need to know where these niche stores are.

They do charge full price. 60 euros which works out to a 50% increase for them considering that the dollar was so low at the time. But whatever, it was my only chance so I bought it anyway.

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