Best 30 Games of the Decade

As 2009 winds down, the aughties, double zeros, or whatever you like to refer this decade as, heads towards its end as well. Its incredible to think that it has been a whole ten years since Y2K, but it has. The 2000s will be remembered in the gaming industry as the decade where gaming went mainstream. No longer is gaming a fad or a niche. Instead, video gaming has become a culture, and a part of everyday entertainment. The DAMNLAG Team has decided to take you down memory lane, and rank the best thirty gaming experience to come from this great gaming decade. Commentary and rankings were all done by Jaleel Boone, Chris Holmes, Connor Beaton, Zack Rovinsky, and myself. Enjoy guys, we worked pretty hard on this one. We promise you it will be epic.

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halo4fan3103d ago

Enjoy this list guys! I agree with it for the most part.

GWAVE3103d ago

See, when I think of "greatest", I think of "games I still want to play, even to this day". The author of this list simply chose the most popular games and added one or two "underappreciated" games to balance out the list. Why Bioshock instead of System Shock 2? Why Mass Effect instead of Baldur's Gate II? Why Fallout 3 instead of...okay, why Fallout 3 in the first place? It was a glitch-fest.

In that regard, this list fails hardcore, in my OPINION. They missed a lot, and I mean a LOT of more deserving games.

FlyWestbrook3103d ago

Yo won't be able to please everyone.

jammy_703103d ago

gears and no uncharted 2? mgs3 is better than 4, wheres that? and san andreas was and really still is the biggest game ever wheres that? o well for most part its right i guess........

Two-Face3102d ago

Fallout 3 a glitch fest? Did you pull that out of your ass? I played over 50 hours, and I have not experience a single bug or a glitch. Even so. The game is huge, so offcourse there will be some glitches, if you have experienced some.

AnttiApina3102d ago

Stopped at Gears Of War... oh wait...

Let's be serious now: Where were the real best games like Deus Ex or was this really a popularity contest?

Darkstorn3102d ago

They need to include MGS3 as well as MGS4, and I would put in Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth (best survival horror game ever ;D)

ikkeweer3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Fallout has plenty of glitches, plus an ending that sucked pretty much. Still, it's the game that drew me in most, even beyond uncharted 2. I just can't believe theyre asking for €50,-, for all the DLC. I loved the game but that pisses me off (for those disagreeing, how much is the GOTY-edition with all the DLC on it cost again?).

(EDIT) Call me an idiot for all I care, but don't just disagree without saying why.

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letsgoyankees3103d ago

No Wind Waker? I agree with everything else, but no wind waker?

MechaZain3103d ago

But Portal is too high.

whatdahell3103d ago

Good list, but no Okami.

homez993103d ago

This is a well-created list, it appears that they spent a lot of effort on it. However, where's Crackdown?

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The story is too old to be commented.