Torchlight 50% Off on D2D, More Sales on Christmas Day

Torchlight at 50% off is Direct2Drive's second to last spotlight discount for their 24 Days of Christmas sale. The digital distributor has also announced additional game sales coming on Christmas Day.

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thereapersson3275d ago

Anyone who is a fan of Diablo-style hack-and-slashers, but are still tentative to purchase this should really take advantage of this discounted price. Even at 19.99 the game is a hell of a bargain, but when you're talking about 50 percent off, you really cannot go wrong at all.

Elwenil3275d ago

Agreed. It's sort of like Neverwinter Nights "lite". It's got a style similar to NwN with various weapons but just a few characters and drastically simplified magic. A decent time waster that's pretty addictive, like the old Baldur's Gate PS2 games. There's also a demo for those that want to give ti a try before buying it at Fileplanet and similar places but I don't think this deal will last very long on D2D. Oh and I've bought probably 20 games from D2D and highly recommend them. Good prices, fast downloads, good customer service and none of that 3rd party bullshit like Steam.

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jmd7493275d ago

steam has it for $5.00