The Twenty Best-Rated Games Of The Decade

Kotaku writes: "Lost slightly amidst all this "end of year" review business is the fact this is also the end of the decade. Which means it's time to take a look back and what the best games of 2000-2009 were.

According to review aggregation site Metacritic, the top twenty games of the past ten years are...well, pretty damn surprising. Games like GTAIV, Halo and Super Mario Galaxy are up there, as you'd expect. But some of the others, including the top-rated game of the decade, are coming straight out of left field."

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Sunny_D3277d ago

Fail written all over this. First of all how does the guy put multiple games with the same score in order? By release? Why there's no point in putting a game over another.

What a FPS or halo fanboy.
"Wow. I mean, I liked the second Tony Hawk game. It was a blast. But better than Half-Life 2? Better than Halo? That's questionable.

Same for NFL2K1. Yeah, it was a pioneering sports title, but an aggregate score of 97? I think some review outlets were being a little generous around the turn of the millennium."

Hmm, why compare a skateboard game compared to an fps. So you tell me, Halo has better shooting mechanics compared to Tony Hawk? Yeah, didn't think so.

How were reviewers being generous? Giving a good score just because the game was innovative and amazing at the time? NOTICE TIME. You know what's being generous? Giving a good score just because of the name (MW2, Halo: ODST).

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