Final Fantasy XIV: New Character Customization and Story Details

SCRAWL: "Final Fantasy XIV is Square Enix's next take on the massively-multiplayer online genre. Tonight, the publisher has released new details on the game's character creation system, which promises "simple, yet comprehensive" customization."

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Stealth Disagreer3282d ago

Just a matter of time before this hits the XBOX 360....

Kalowest3282d ago

Its coming out for the 360, after Square and MS come to terms, like they did with FFXI.

Staircase3281d ago

Would like it if it did TBH. The more people that play this game, the more content we all get.

Aleusia3281d ago

It's not coming to the 360, neither is Versus XIII. Sorry to break the news to you but you don't need to harbor delusions, it's unhealthy.

Limited_Vertigo3281d ago


PS3 user here and longtime SS/SE fan and even I can see the error in your comments. I'm sure you were on the same bandwagon that adamantly refuted the existence of FFXIII on the 360. SE's methods this generation sway towards one or both of these so called PS3 exclusives coming to the 360. Instead of ignorantly shooting someone down I suggest you play the wait and see game.

Staircase3281d ago

Really no basis to say that it either is for sure or isn't for sure coming out on the 360. We really don't know. I feel like this would have made more sense to be multi-platform than FFXIII.

Aleusia3281d ago

FFXIV is probably going to be a huge game that wouldnt fit on a DVD9, same goes for Versus XIII, not to mention Nomura has confirmed time and time again that it is PS3 only.

I don't imagine they would release it on more than 1 disc just to give stubborn 360 fanboys a chance to play the game and considering it's a console MMO...even less likely. I don't think the whole game would be installed on your HD that would take up a massive amount of space, blu-ray can handle this amount of data and it can be played from the disc.

360 fans dont want these games to play them anyway, most american 360 fanboys don't like Japanese games and if you own a 360 and a ps3, you'd get it for ps3 anyway. I suspect 360 fans really just want games to go multiplat out of spite.

Perkel3281d ago

@ Aleusia

You are a little fanboish but you have right. No MMORG will be out on multiple disc.

But it may be like pc with install ! But they didn't anounced anything for xbox ..

Aleusia3281d ago

I hate Micrsoft, I hate the 360, and I hate the 360 fans but I have nothing against Nintendo, I owned an NES and a 64. I had nothing against Sega either, I owned all Sega consoles. I'm not a Sony fanboy I'm a Microsoft hater.

Limited_Vertigo3281d ago


It's just videogames and you're on here not only talking about hate but spreading it. Oh and a MS hater is the equivalent of a Fanboy.

Merry F'n Christmas.

Reibooi3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

Everything looks good so far. I am happy to see that character creation will be deeper this time around. After playing FFXI for nearly 6 years my main complaint with the game was that you would see a million and half clones of yourself because of the incredibly limited creation process.

The story as well sounds interesting. Although I have a had time believing that it's possible for them to make a better story then Final Fantasy XI Chains of Promathia had. I still think it's one of the best stories in the FF series and it's in a MMO which is quite incredible when you think about it.

As for the whole coming to the 360 thing I am not so sure. Few people would be able to play the game as the install size is going to be massive and that's not counting future updates. So really the only people who would be able to play it without problem are Elite owns or Pro owners with the 60gig(and even then they would probably dedicate most of the HDD space to FFXIV alone.

Something tells me if MS and SE have not reached a agreement already that they might not any time in the foreseeable future. Although it is always possible they have reached one and they are waiting until something like E3 to unveil that fact along with more info. Although that's unlikely since the Beta will be well underway by that point in time.

I noticed a few people commenting on the DVD9 issue on the 360 as a reason it may not come out on that platform and I don't think thats a issue.

FFXI on the 360 installs from a disc and then after that process runs of the hard drive the disc is only used to verify you own the game aside from that the HDD is doing everything. So even if the game was large enough to need to be on more then 1 disc(which is likely) it won't matter as the discs will only be used for the install. If you have signed up for the beta certain questions might lead one to believe the size of the game will most likely be in excess of 20gigs which to be honest sounds a bit small to me but we will have to wait and see.

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Blasphemy3282d ago

Can't wait for this game. This is my most anticipated game right now. Looks like they added new images to. Can't believe this game is going to be able to run on PS3 to it looks beautiful.

Reibooi3281d ago

I am wondering how much the PS3 version will differ from what we have seen so far. Graphically I mean.

SE has already said the game is being developed for PC and then ported to PS3 so all the incredibly beautiful screens we have seen so far are from PC(and SE even insists that those shots are not yet running on a 100% graphical completion level). I would assume the PS3 version will not look as good as the PC version but I would like to know the difference.

I plan on playing the game on PS3 for the first year or so and if I continue to play I will update my PC and get the game on there.

KingOfGamesNYC3281d ago

This game will be 1 of the best games, I hope it is released in 2010 i cant wait 4 this game, And the fact that its a MMORPG is good, It will be my first MMORPG, But question will we only be playing against PS3 users or will be playing against PC users a well, Like 360 WAS suppose to do with age of conan. Does any1 know?

Gun_Senshi3281d ago

final fantasy XI was cross continental and cross platform

that means people from USA, EU and JP all on same server, despite being on PS2, PC or X360.

Myze3281d ago

@3.1 ...and early in the release of FFXI in the US, it almost ruined the game entirely. Not because of the language barrier, because they handled that rather well. It was because of the fact the game had been out for 8+ months in Japan already, so the economy was screwed up for new players and a few other problems that go along with an 8month-year head start.

I really hope FFXIV has localized servers, or at least has a global release date (not sure if this was announced or not). Either way though, unless this is VERY different from FFXI, I won't play it all that long anyway. FFXI had lots of content, but it was still a major grind-fest, and to be useful, you had to do that grind multiple times. I will play it when it's released to try it out, no matter what I read about it, but it will depend on when it's released, because right now the only MMO on the horizon I see myself really playing for a while is The Old Republic.

Reibooi3281d ago

FFXIV will be exactly like FFXI in that all players on all platforms will play together on the same servers.

The GOOD thing however is that unlike FFXI the Japanese players will NOT get a head Start. SE has stated in numerous interviews that the game will be released world wide at the same time to prevent this exact issue. They were aware of the problem in FFXI but honesty they could not do anything about it on such short notice.

Personally I never really had a problem with FFXI. I started playing the day of the US launch and I never had issue with anything. The economy was fine. When it really got messed up was when MASS amounts of RMT invaded the game and completey screwed everything up.

g4n3281d ago

Enjoyed 6 years of FFXI, cant wait for this one! the girls look HOT!

Aleusia3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )



robotnik3281d ago

Finally someone that understands... stupid bots can't understand because they are made of junk and bad quality components.

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