Lens of Truth: Christmas Nights into Dreams Retro Review

Lens of Truth writes - "No one knows how to celebrate a holiday like Sega! What other Company would give away a special holiday version of their, then "franchise" title? You can count the list with one finger. Maybe that's why Sega is no longer in the console business. I'm only kidding. Giving away Christmas Nights into Dreams had absolutely nothing to do with the demise of Sega. If anything, it should have only helped the company along. Find out if this rare holiday disc is worth the hunt in our latest retro Review."

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ArthurLee3280d ago

I love the original Nights games, they are truly unique. Too bad the newest Wii one sucked.

stealyrface3279d ago

I really like how the environments change with the time of year. Just another reason why Sega is the true console king and another example of how the majority of gamers are just lemmings and follow what the reviewers and magazines say.

Shogun Master3278d ago

I think Nintendo stole the idea but went all out with the Animal Crossing series.

SEGA was surly at the head of a ton of new ways to play games, it just seems someone else always did whatever it was better.

Joe Bomb3278d ago

Good point. The 3D pad + system clock for Nights, Online with the Dreamcast, and the microphone for Seaman. SEGA is the shhhhhiiiit!

Baron793278d ago

I wish Sonic Team would get back on track and make something like this again. They've really been lacking lately.

Soul Train3278d ago

Sega sucks. I mean, why do you think every system they made failed? retro fanboys.

Joe Bomb3278d ago

why don't you stick to bashing the PS3 you [email protected]#king moron. BTW, nobody likes you.

Soul Train3278d ago

Your so kind. I guess the truth hurts. Theres really no reason to be mad, this is like 15 years agon I'm talking about.

3277d ago