Gamespot: Forza 3 Wins Best Driving Game

Whether you're a budding photographer looking to share your vision with fellow car nuts, a grease monkey who revels in getting your virtual hands dirty tuning your cars to their utmost performance, or an artist who just wants to re-create award-winning actor Christopher Walken's face in vinyl form, Forza 3 has something that will appeal to you. It isn't just the best driving game of 2009; it might just be the best console driving game of the last decade.

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-Alpha3277d ago

Well it's a pretty obvious win, nothing compared to Forza 3 this year.

On the other hand, I'm getting tired of seeing people cherry picking random awards instead of just reporting the whole damn award show from GS

Butt Shingles3277d ago

Great game. I even bought one of those racing wheels for it. Very cool.

ClownBelt3277d ago

No surprise here. This is the best racing game this year.

YellowLightofDeath3277d ago

I'm very interested in seeing how Gran Turismo compares to Forza 3. I know the fanboys are deeply invested in it being better, let's just hope they dont end up looking like fools.

albert_2753277d ago

I'm not a racing fan, but I have to say that the community aspect is quite impressive. Lots of good stuff out on the storefront. I'm surprised not to have seen Pen*ses or buttcracks on the cars yet.