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rawrockkillz2827d ago

I can't wait to see what people create with this.

ph33rgear2827d ago

agreed! Should be awesome.

Pandamobile2827d ago

I can't wait for people to properly port the L4D campaigns into L4D2.

<3 No Mercy

TheIneffableBob2827d ago

It's already been done.

I just played the full Dead Air campaign online with three other people who joined through the lobby.

DJexs2827d ago

I have the ports from l4d1->l4d2 (yes they are out look for em) and the textures and the shadows are messed up aswell as them not appearing in the addon select menu but they are in the addon extra window everything works fine in them other then the said mentioned things (there are neon lime,yellow,and blue zombies lol they look sweat in the dark) the SDK will result in some pretty awesome stuff though.

TheIneffableBob2827d ago

You downloaded the "Left 4 Dead 2 Add-On Support" from the Tools tab, right?

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