Gamespot: Killzone 2 wins Shooter of the Year award

The original Killzone will forever be remembered as the "Halo killer" that wasn't, a game that ultimately collapsed under the weight of its own promise and hype. Clearly, the odds were stacked against its sequel from the start, which makes its victory in this category all the more impressive.

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Pennywise2792d ago

Gamespot is earning much respect with their winners. Anyone who puts KZ2 above MW2 gets my respect.

Nambassa2792d ago

Yesss i enjoyed Killzone 2 more than Modern Warfare 2 actually... Definately deserved the award.

Ragz0172792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Best Shooter - Killzone 2
Best RPG - Demon's Souls
Best Platformer - RnC Acit
Best Action Adventure - UC2
Best Writing - RnC Acit
Best Graphics - U2

lol O.W.N.E.D

saint_john_paul_ii2792d ago


A. they want to be at peace at PS3 fanboys


B. They realized that they were dead wrong of the PS3 in the First Place and acknowledged that the PS3 had the Best Games this year.

Good times indeed for the PS3 owner, and more to come with 2010.

ViRaL-2792d ago

real stupid right now.

SasanovaS19872792d ago

haha pathetic kotaku, il be damned if i ever take anything they say seriously anymore...truely one of the worst websites around...why is there no article that depicts the worst of the worst gaming websites, and give facts and past articles they released to justify their picks? kotaku has to be top 5 haha

Tinted Eyes2792d ago

Buuu Buuu Kotaku said it was a disappointment!!!

Lol Owned

Chubear2792d ago

Take all the accolades you can get PS3 fans and bolster the defences. You never know when the next s* storm wave will blow by XD

Killzone 2, well bloody done GG, well bloody done.

Ragz0172792d ago

GS Competitive Multiplayer of the year is KZ2 mp..

BadboyCivic3602792d ago

Congrats Sony,KZ2 and the rest of there 2009 exclusive lineup...job well done...

Saaking2792d ago

Damn, Gamespot is in love with PS3 exclusives. Awesome choices.

Danteh2792d ago

DARKSIDERS got the first review... and it's a 100!!!!!!!!

Maaan I wasn't sure which one to get (Bayoneta or Darksiders) but being a PS3 now it's clear. ANd they sayit's like a giant Zelda... enough said :DDDDD

BattleAxe2792d ago

KotaKooKoo....... what a joke lol

Digitaldude2792d ago

All these great decisions made by them. Well well deserved.

solar2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

i think GameSpot meant "Put You To Sleep After 20 Minutes of Generic Gameplay That Console Gamer's Eat Up and Think is Amazing Award". then i agree with the award.

@ below

nt. both the HL and L4D series has changed how games are played. HL1 with the storytelling, HL2 with the physics and facial animation, and L4D with the co-operative nature of MP games. and KZ2 did what for the FPS genre? awesome graphics on a console? hardware which will be dead in a few years? awesome!!


weazel2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

zzzzzzzzzzzzz.....sorry dude, wasn't paying attention there. were you describing the half-life 2 award or the left 4 dead 2 award?

@edit in response to solar's edit: Half-life 1's 'story' was ripped wholesale from king's short story, 'the mist', while half-life 2 had physics that don't stand up to modern expectations perspectives. (Go and look at the gravity gun again.) How is L4D's multiplayer defined as revolutionary? Fun, maybe, but you're just being silly claiming it's innovative. (Facial animation was also a bit of a stretch, but I let that one slide) How many times have you actually played KZ2? The particle physics, Vapor trails, Light diffusion, Enemy A.I, and level design were outstanding. Just quacking about 'teh grafix' makes you sound like an uneducated troll who hasn't played the game and is just commenting for attention. (ahem)

CrazzyMan2792d ago

Atleast in terms of games. =)


evrfighter2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Hell YES!!!

KZ2 imo was a crappy game but MW2 was beyond crappy

In no way, shape, or form should a lazy, piece of junk, like MW2 ever win Anything Of The Year...

GJ Gamespot GFJ

All in all 2009 was a pretty mediocre year...Next year is lookin to be the best year in gaming since 2005

Oldsnake0072792d ago

you say that because the only console you own is a 360

raztad2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Well guys I'm gonna say this.

Gamespot is gaining a lot of respect putting its weight behind those awards. I think their reviews need to be respected whether you like them or not. It's just a matter of consistency. We can safely say the "too much variety" Gamespot is gone for good.

@oldsnake above

evrfigh is a PC gamer (thats why he think this year is mediocre) but he has a PS3.

specialguest2792d ago

I wouldn't rank KZ2 anywhere near top 5 shooter of all time, but if you compare it to the shooters of 2009, yes it deserves to be FPS of 2009. I use to be a big MW fan, but with MW2, it only looks like a slight upgrade from MW with new skins and stage.

mgsfan2792d ago

yea Killzone was the best .....i think of topic does anyone know a laptop that can play up to date games but is kinda cheap lol

evrfighter2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

I picked up MGS4 and I'm really enjoying it. But that was a 2008 title otherwise I would have bitten my tongue.

But ya I don't support shoddy hardware aka I don't own a 360. The only console game that I actually wanted to play this year and didn't buy on a whim because it was cheap, used at gamestop was Assassins Creed 2. I don't get to try that one out till xmas though.

sikbeta2792d ago

Damn, I'm so late to the Party

GG you did an AMAZING JOB with KZ2, I'm already expecting for KZ3

QUALITY > everything

badz1492792d ago

at least more deserving than MW2! and by miles!


I don't think evrfighter even has a PS3! I've never seen someone who hates something that he's keeping as passionate as him! at least ion here! plus, he only hates Sony!

happy_gilmore2792d ago

unless starcraft 2 and diablo 3 are released, i don't see anytime special.. unless you have a ps3. GT5, modnation racer and GoW3 in the 1st quarter alone.

besides, how is this year mediocre? we had uncharted 2, which is the best game of this 4-year old generation.

paskowitz2792d ago

As far as the act of shooting is concerned, KZ2 nails it. Even if you do not like slower paced shooters, you have to admit the game was at least intense. Sure the story is meh and the writing is silly but guess what, the same can be said for MW2. L4D2 is a great game no doubt but best shooter... no. Borderlands seems like a great game but judging by the sum of its parts KZ2 is by far a more impressive package. MW2's MP took over a month to get straightened out. And to be honest it was an annoying month. KZ2 had no such problems. To me this is a factor. Oh yeah not to mention if KZ2 takes actual skill and teamwork in order to rise in the ranks.

Aleusia2792d ago

You deserve some bubbles for that statement, finally somebody to oppose modern military propagandafare.

Aleusia2792d ago

Man have you seen the first 20 minutes of the game? Darksiders is a day one purchase for me but I'm kind of put off by how bulky the dude is, he can still be muscular and badass looking but not be so akwardly proportioned. He looks like a WoW character. Everything about War is absolutely awesome from his clothes to his long flowing white hair but...his body is messed up.

pixelsword2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

The media said that, not GG.
Gamespot was one of them.

The ONLY reason why these flame-baiters are giving Killzone 2 the respect the game deserves is because MW2's currently known failures and the whole blow-up on MW2's threads was exposed. I don't and probably never will trust Gamespot's intentions.

evrfighter2792d ago

wrong I do not hate sony. I just dislike ps3 fanboys. Though some are hilarious, like the ones that believe the ps3 is still advanced tech and has no hardware limitations (the majority).

I've already posted pics of pc setup. My ps3 is connected to my 23" LED monitor here on my desk. It's native 1080p so if a ps3 game is 720p upscaled (almost all of them) it looks like a jaggedy pile of crap. But still there is a competitive edge against players who are playing on 40"+ tv's. It was ridiculously easy seeing snipers crouching in a bush in Bad Company 2 beta.

PS3 fanboys simply remind me of the apple zealots I've come across throughout the years in many different forums.

AAACE52792d ago

The strange thing is, alot of you about a year ago said Gamespot was worthless because you said they took money from MS to boost scores.

Now, alot of you say they are respectable now that they agree with something you believe!

Try to stay consistant people... don't hate something because it doesn't say what you like and then turn around and agree with them and kiss their *ss when they say something you like.

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TOO PAWNED2792d ago

i am shocked that gamespot gave so many awards to PS3 exclusives....

Chubear2792d ago

You and most of the gaming community I'm sure lol