Does Sex Sell in Video Games?

DualShockers writes:

"There are certain subjects, genres, criteria, that make us think about which games to buy. It is a common process of elimination. If you are more of a slasher game fan rather than a sports nut, of course the slasher games would be more of a priority. Over the years there has been an underground genre, an idea thrown into some games that , if it was not there in the first place, no one would have ever dreamed to get that game. This genre or idea, is sex."

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Ninferno3283d ago

all very true, what a degenerate society we live in.

Grevan3283d ago

Blame the media. In the early days, around Egyptian/Pharaoh slave time, fat people were considered sexy. During the 1800's, really pale white people were considered attractive. Now we are just hot girls, big breasts, and just sex,sex,sex. Media is controlling it. I blame them.

evrfighter3283d ago

Sex doesn't sell AAA games.

sikbeta3283d ago

I don't care about SEX in Video Games, just Quality games for me

PinkUni3282d ago

most sex in videogames is some of the lamest sh!t i've ever seen

its all about quality and if the quality on anything is low, no one will buy it

sex sells and gets its fair share of attention yes, but the gaming industry right now does not at all take sex seriously and there has yet to be high quality pornographic games

the best games that sell the most to my knowledge have no sex at all in them

super mario bros

remember, its cheaper to buy a 7 dollar adult dvd then to buy a 60 dollar videogame with almost no sex in it

monkey6023282d ago

"the best games that sell the most to my knowledge have no sex at all in them"_"sims"

Check that one again, The Sims have a fair bit of sex in the games

PinkUni3282d ago

wow good job

1 point for being a smartass

monkey6023281d ago

I wasn't being a smartass, I agreed with the rest of your point, Just saying that sims has a lot of sex in it!

Merry Christmas N4G :)

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iiprotocolii3283d ago

It all depends. If you're a horny never-got-laid gamer that is over the age of 30, yes. Otherwise, I personally feel it doesn't. Why would I buy a $60 game that shows me boobs, when I can pay for a Penthouse magazine that will cost me $7... and show *real* women. Then again, there are the aforementioned folks...

Saaking3283d ago

Exactly, sex in video games should only be there if it's necessary. Otherwise, it's just a cheap way to get more sales.

Foxgod3283d ago

Sex is never necessary in games, in life, people have sex to reproduce, so that the human race doesnt go extinct. (not that i would care if humanity withers away).
But in videogames, sex isnt needed, the characters do not die if they dont have sex.
The characters only die if there aint no more money for a sequel, or if the creators go out of business.

Sex in videogames = pointless.

vickers5003282d ago

"Sex is never necessary in games, in life, people have sex to reproduce"

That's not the only reason people have sex though. In life, most people just have sex because it's fun, not because they are looking to reproduce.

monkey6023282d ago

Agreed with above.
+ A healthy relationship without sex is impossible.
Sex = Happiness, no two ways about it

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taz80803283d ago

Sex sells in every medium. I don't mind it as long as it isn't the only thing they use to sell the title

Chadness3283d ago

What I mind is marketing a title based solely on sex appeal or fan service. What I don't mind is having those aspects included in a title that proves itself worthy in other ways and doesn't focus completely on those aspects.

Chadness3283d ago

Yes and no, depends who the target audience is! ;)

Wrathman3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

sex sells in video no.not on the western hemisphere it doesnt.never bouGHt sexy game.

but we all know who does..them crazy japanese!! they love big breasted school girls.every game that comes out or is geared to japan has female characters with huge a female character that doesnt have big boobs.

but i have never bout a game for the sexual nature of it.the two just dont go hand in hand in my mind.

i only picked up a hooker and killed her once in GTA.LOL

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