Top Ten Celebrities That Look Like Videogame Characters

If you are like me, you sometimes notice that our most beloved videogame characters seem to look like they got a bit of real-life inspiration from our celebrities. Some of these were intentional, as you can tell that they used that particular piece of art as a basis for the character, and others are just spooky. As normal, these are in no particular order.

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Homicide3281d ago

WTF? Gackt is a dude? He looks like a chick. The John Travolta one made me laugh.

DelbertGrady3281d ago

Gackt looks even more transsexual than Squall lol!

Seriously, they should put Travolta on one of those Hollywood roid programs (Stallone can be his personal trainer) and have him star in the GeoW movie.

Duke_Silver3281d ago

you should see pics of when he was in the band "malice Mizer" they were pretty much all trannies then.

cyberwaffles3281d ago

i'm surprised they didn't mention contra. the contra guys on the cover look exactly like arnold schwarzenegger and sylvester stallone. i think it was intentional back in the NES and SNES days however as it made games more popular.

Pozzle3273d ago

Everyone knows Gackt looks like EVERY Final Fantasy character. lol

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bmw693281d ago

The John Travolta one is definitely the best!!!

TheBand1t3281d ago

The battletoads one makes this list.

Anorexorcist3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

I always thought that Konami modeled Solid Snake on the cover of the original Metal Gear NES cartridge after Kyle Reese from Terminator 1. I mean seriously the likeness is impossible to deny.

All I have to say about Gackt is...LOL!

table3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

The tears of the sun guy also looks a lot like Soap Mctavish.

I remember the Angry Video Game Nerd pointing out the Kyle Reese Solid Snake(NES) comparison.

@saaking - maybe a little too much...

bjornbear3281d ago

Instead, Kurt Russle as Snake Pliskin vs. solid snake

so similar Kojima even teases it in MGS2 =)

BiggCMan3281d ago

ryan seacrest as nathan drake dude? for real? no way in hell, nolan north would be the perfect natahn drake in a movie of uncharted, he is the voice actor, and he already looks like him!!

morganfell3281d ago

You are missing the point. Michael Biehn was the inspiration for that sketch. It's sort of hard to beat that.

And Marcus Fenix should be played by former football star turned actor Mathew Willig, 6'8. 315 lbs.


Rusco873281d ago

Drake is based around nathan dillan


perfect match, but hes too old to play him

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