BFBC2 - Battlefield Moments Episode 3

GameTrailers: "Join the siege at Panama Canal and stand your ground during your own battlefield moments in Battlefield: Bad Company 2."

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Double072796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Haha that trailer was awesome, the double ATV jump over the tank was epic.

Full game should be pretty damn special indeed.

Edit: The guy who reported this as a dupe, the article and video you linked to is clearly a totally different trailer than this 1. This is the proper episode 3 trailer whereas the one you linked to is just general gameplay.

life doomer2796d ago

my most anticipated shooter of 2010.

ph33rgear2795d ago

Got the pre-order in and now its the waiting game... Looks effin awesome

Aggesan2795d ago

Can you hear the guy with the chopper say "merry christmas bravo 2" at the end? That's so chill :-)
This game will be awesome, no doubt about it.

PrinceJohnny2794d ago

Love the beta, very fun!

Can't wait, :). Will be playing it in March!