PS3 vs. 360 - Dante's Inferno screenshot comparison

Dante's Inferno is EA's attack on the God of War series. The game offers nice visuals - but how well has Visceral Games ported the game to the different consoles? Check out this screenshot comparison between the PS3 and the 360 version of Dante's Inferno.

The uncompressed screenshots have been taken on a professional grabbing system in 720p. The PS3 was set to "Full RGB" and "Superwhite" settings for better comparison purposes.

Can you tell the difference?

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bshubinsky3254d ago

Pretty much looks the same to me.

Lou-Cipher3254d ago

There are a few differences here and there, but one doesn't look better or worse than the other.

Does anyone know what system was the lead platform?

Getting the demo on the PSN before it came to Xbox live makes me curious if the game was made on the PS3 then ported to the 360.

That, and I have only seen the PS3 version being shown off.

Maddens Raiders3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

version has better lighting & shading, also looks a bit more colourful imho.

morganfell3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Neither version is close to God of War III. The author of the article brought that up so it might as well be tossed onto the table. The demo seemed to be a bit lackluster as was the main character design. The point of having a character is for him to HAVE character...a personality. Not some Matt Hazard generic type.

raztad3254d ago

Not to be negative but real, DI visuals are nothing to brag about. At some points through the demo it looked like a PS2 game (the graveyard comes to mind). I guess Visceral needed to makes some compromises to keep the framerate as smooth as possible.

darkknight09963254d ago

Same old story with each multi game.....
why don't people ignore them so they will stop writing these articles and I really like the part that say Can you tell the difference?
you know what the problem with this generation is the journalists and there useless articles.

Skip_Bayless3254d ago

This game looks like ass. It doesn't matter which version is better because I'm not even going to rent it. The game looks worst than ninja blade. It looks like a 1st generation xbox 360 game.

Mista T3254d ago

there's no difference at all

ZombieNinjaPanda3254d ago


Truth there, when walking past the graveyard, the only thing I thought was, Holy Crap, it's pretty painful to look at this game..

gaffyh3254d ago

@1.1 - I think the Xbox 360 was the lead platform, but both version look the same like Resident Evil 5, there are negligible differences where the game looks better or worse on one platform than the other, but one isn't consistently better than the other.

StanLee3254d ago

This game really looks unimpressive.

Anon19743254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

I don't know the details of this one but I remember over a year ago now EA said they were switching to the PS3 as lead platform for all their titles.

I'm pretty excited for this game. Sure it looks almost exactly like God of War, but since when is that a bad thing? I love God of War. If EA wants to make a God of War clone all about battling through hell, sign me up!

DelbertGrady3254d ago

I wonder how they look in motion.

we won3254d ago

Wait until the real comparison sites do the comparisons they will show even more differences.

I mean come on

This website is just like ** when it comes to trying to make PS3 games look on par as the 360 version. and do the same thing, they tried it with Bayonetta and Forza 3.

darthv723254d ago

I think you are right. If I recall...EA said it was actually easier on development to make the PS3 the lead. When it came time to port it was a breeze because of how the 360 is able to render the PS3 with little to no difference/loss.

For the games that made the 360 lead it was difficult to get it ported to PS3 correctly which ended up with some issues. I think they said it was easier to remove and recode things from PS3>360 but they couldnt put things in from 360>PS3.

Or something like that. Pretty much all third parties should make the PS3 the lead because it will lead to equal 360 versions unlike the issues some have with going the other way.

we won3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

A few devs have said that, that is why when devs lead on PS3, the games are graphically handi-capped by default. By not taking advantage of the 360 hardware in the game's development in the first place, the devs avoid taxing the PS3, then they easily port these games to the 360.

There is a PS3 fan in here that said why couldn't Bayonetta be like this(close in quality) and my reply would be, because the devs for Bayonetta didn't cater to the lowest common denominator hence the better visuals in Bayonetta. The devs were trying to avoid a quality difference for a number of reasons but at the same time handi-capped the game's visual potential.

Darth, Example: Bayonetta on the 360 would be the PS3's quality if all devs did what you wanted. This is why devs don't do that for the most part. It depends on their agenda's and if they are trying to cater to PS3 fan feelings or trying to compete with other titles.

Some devs try to win over PS3 fans at all costs and will take hits on the over all quality of the game. Most devs need to make the best game they can, so they can compete with other titles at all costs. These devs will take advantage of the 360 hardware and they are not worried about the PS3's hardware not being able to keep up, they think the PS3 fans are lucky to have a version and that is that.

morganfell3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Most ridiculous comment ever. The PS3 certainly isn't the one that can't produce the best console graphics ever.

All one has to do is ask which console is easily the most graphically superior machine. The PS3. Period. End of story. End of your absurd remarks. No argument, no comebacks, and no chance the 360 has a more powerful graphics capability. There isn't any wonder people laugh at you and deride anything you have to say. MGS4? Uncharted? Uncharted 2? Killzone2? God of War III? All bury the 360.

Saaking3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Looks the same, but GOWIII is MILES ahead of either of them. So really, it's a win situation for Ps3 owners as we actually have a choice.

Darrius Cole3254d ago

EA should move D.I.'s release date up to the first or second week of January to capitalize on Bayonetta's crappy PS3 port.


From what I hear the biggest problem with starting on 360 and porting to PS3 is that the PS3 has split memory whereas the 360 has unified memory. That means that the PS3 forces you to plan your memory resources ahead of time. You have to know how much of what kind of memory you are going to be using at all times.

On the 360 all the memory is the same of you can just dump the resource into memory because it is all the same.

The PS3 has just as much memory resources and more processing power available. You just have to sort it all out. I'm not a programmer, so I can't speak for computer code...but everywhere else in life I find that sorting things out once they have been mixed up is much harder than keeping them sorted in the first place.

I suspect porting code from PS3 to 360 would be like trying to mix kool-aid and water. It should be very easy you just put it all in the jug and stir. By contrast porting from 360 to PS3 would be like trying to un-mix kool-aid and water and put it back into the separate packages. It is technically possible, but it would be more work than to write brand-new code from scratch.

Devs don't want to do this so they cut back on the PS3 version in attempts to make less output look the same. That's what Sega tried with Bayonetta, but the fact is that we can see that the PS3 version looks worse and runs at half the frame-rate....the game is giving us less information feedback. The 360 is drawing 50-60 clear pictures per second. The PS3 is drawing 25-30 blurry pictures per second.

SilentNegotiator3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Still, they look pretty much identical.

SilentNegotiator3254d ago

The PS3 version does 60fps constantly, so don't waste that coin on the wishing well for the 360 to have the better frame rate.

pixelsword3254d ago

...the real question is whether this game is better than GoW III or not; since the so-called "media" wants to go 0 for 2 after stating that Killzone 2 couldn't match the visuals, now they said DI will be better than GoW III without even seeing it.

I don't mind game fanboys, they're just supporting what they like; when you're professionals and don't act like it, you're the lowest of scum.

Nikuma3254d ago

Props to Visceral for making both look pretty much exactly the same. There really is no excuse to NOT have both versions look the same. I'm excited for Bayonetta but disappointed in Platinum and Sega for making a shoddy PS3 port. Will probably gamefly Dante's Inferno, but am buying GoW3 day 1 no question.

beavis4play3254d ago

GOW3 makes DI look like a last-gen game. it's not even close.

Jaces3254d ago

Wait a minute, how is this possible? I thought the PS3 was to difficult to develop for?!

Anyway they both look identical, tis a game I shall keep my eye on but I doubt it'll be a first day purchase.

FamilyGuy3254d ago

They're identical, good job EA

Antan3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

"We Won", "POG", "Why Dis" etc etc...

Do us all a favour and PLEASE do not speak about the industry as though you know how it works as i`ve already spilt my drink everywhere laughing at your complete and utter wall of Boyfan nonsense! After all these years you`re STILL clueless as to how things work. From an industry professional of 15 years and counting, to a rather rabid loony toon.........Give it up.....You can`t play with the big boys. But you know that already dont you? ;)

3254d ago
cyberwaffles3254d ago

" ^^^ I disagree, why make games sub par for everybody just to make it easy for PS3."

the exact same thing can be said about final fantasy XIII. supposedly, versus is going to look like CGI while playing and from what i've seen in XIII, it's no CGI quality. FXIII still looks amazing, but the 360 has compromised a lot of once-exclusive games to accommodate to things such as the 360's smaller storage capacity or no standard HDD.

imagine if FFVII wasn't a psone exclusive and went to the N64 like it was originally planned; there would be a lot of drawbacks because of the N64's storage capacity and i believe thats why games like GTA4 were cut back a lot on content.

inveni03254d ago

Incredibly similar. This may just be the closest, yet.

likedamaster3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

"Pretty much looks the same to me."

-Exactly the same.

"Neither version is close to God of War III."

Negative. Average framerate for Gow3 is 36, a solid 60 for Dante's Inferno and both @720p. To be fair though, God of War 3 has some Anti-Aliasing and bloom going on.

morganfell3254d ago

While you are fact checking, try reading the rules. Attacking people in a personal manner is verbotten.

commodore643254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

They certainly look remarkably similar.
However, despite the full rgb and 'superwhite' enabling on ps3, the ps3 version still looks a bit washed out compared to the 360.

Before you disagree and get upset, stop and have a close look at the below examples:

The flames in particular are much more vivid and seem more 'alive' on this 360 screenshot:

The contrast between light and shade across the wall textures seems much more pronounced and vivid on the 360. The walls on the ps3 seem to lack the tracing of light and shadow and seem to lack 'depth of vision' in comparison in this screenshot:

Other screenshots exhibit the same subtle pattern, although to a lesser extent. To be fair, these nuances are VERY subtle, but that is often the difference between what is good and what is great.

Of course, if the framerate and loading times hold up on ps3, then these observable differences will be negligible to gamers with no eye for detail.
Lets hope they do.

shawnsl653254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Looks like shiit on both version. Windows 98 game.

Storywise though, it should be good. Graphically speaking.. windows 98

RumbleFish3253d ago

every single comment of "we won" is nothing but flame bait, he adds in no way to the discussion.

y0haN3253d ago

X360 version has better colours; is more vibrant. Other than that I don't see much difference.

zeeshan3253d ago

I think I can easily speak on the behalf of the larger part of PS3 community that when we know that GOW3 is just about 3 months away, Bayonetta, Dante's Inferno etc, they just don't mean that much.

matta3253d ago

How nice of you to compare an old build with a fairly new build.

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Death The Kid3254d ago

Yeah, can't make much distinction between them at all.

twdll3254d ago

I would give the nod to the PS3 for a slightly less blurry Dante. This is what all ports should look like, Period. I have to give a hand to Dante's Developers Visceral for doing a great job on both systems.


They look the same. Don't kid yourself people and try to notice glaring differences, as there aren't any.

DSco43254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

The differences are minimal, if any ...

But the 360 seems to have better HDR.

Somnipotent3254d ago

everything looks better on one console or another through fanboy goggles.

Ocelot5253254d ago

no, the colors of the PS3 are just washed out

Somnipotent3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

time to change your prescriptions son.

having said that, 90% when i see these comparisons they don't even amount to much in reality terms. i don't sit 2 inches from the screen. the only real difference i saw was in the versions of resident evil 5. FFS, these screen comparisons really don't do any justice to the game, they're just fueling the fanboy wars.

if you want to do technical comparisons, you need to do exclusives vs. exclusives.