PSN Premium, SONY says "the service will remain free !" writes:
"We contacted Alessandro Di Leo, SCEE Italy, which we asked what was the position of Sony in relation to these items. The answer was that "when running on the Internet are only hypotheses; the service, as is currently, will remain free. What has been said, a few weeks ago, is the ability to expand services with other options in some cases may apply. But there is no news about (to the new content) and then it is too early to say anything. "

Alessandro thanked for her willingness, we can reassure users PlayStation 3 there will be no change to content that is accessible free of charge how to access the PlayStation Network, online play, download trailers, wallpapers, themes, demos."

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Delta2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Awesome!! thats really awesome.

thereapersson2947d ago

To keep their fanbase from revolting, they HAVE to keep the basic PSN functionality free as it has always been. I'm glad they are adding some extra features, though. I might be considering paying for the premium service once it gets up and around to the public, but I'll have to get my PS3 fixed first.

Diamondwolf2947d ago

Sony still supports the free community with a few bones here and there and not gimp it (such as gold vs silver) then they will remain Sony to me instead of $ony

xTruthx2947d ago

im pretty sure ill be paying, because i know they wont be cheap

thereapersson2947d ago

Really, I'd like to know what part of my statement upsets you guys so much that you feel the need to disagree without explanation?

sikbeta2947d ago

PSN will remain FREE, but they can add Premium PSN service

silverbeld2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )


I thought they will charge for it. Yesterday they just told that they will charge for also Cross Game Voice Chat. Thats pisses me of.

Good news for PS3 owners. HA!

OHHH ... only the current is for free. MANNN!

"when running on the Internet are only hypotheses; the service, as is currently, will remain free. What has been said, a few weeks ago, is the ability to expand services with other options in some cases may apply. But there is no news about (to the new content) and then it is too early to say anything. "

Silly gameAr2947d ago

@ thereapresson

Why do you care so much that you got a few disagrees? Just shrug it off and keep rolling.

Now, I wouldn't mind a premium package if it adds to the PSN. Just make it worth the money and keep multiplayer free. I would just have a problem with paying for that AND Live yearly.
So for now free is good. No premium package options to tempt me to chose between Live and PSN.

masterg2947d ago

Man some of the features look tempting.

Accesss to game betas.
1 hour of full games trial.
Access to PSone classics and PSP minis.

If you pick option 2 and 3 you get pretty much everything for $15 / $100 per year.

Hill_billy2947d ago

The core for me is gaming online with my buds. That is all I need and anything else is just a want. And let me tell you, the extras they are proposing look pretty cool but thankfully the online gaming remains free.

NioNa2947d ago

Sounds kinda like micromaniging extra features. :o kinda like a MMO, you pay for extra things seperate from the main fee.

MEsoJD2947d ago

cross chat and the downloadable netflix.

tristanmike2947d ago

Only time will tell on this one, but I imagine that Sony will do everything in their power to charge you up the wazzu. And for what ? Titles that are delayed, or non-existent on the PS3, or for features that are only partially implemented (Fragmented Trophy Library and Custom Soundtracks to name two) or changing the actual hardware design of their systems (I can't buy a new equivalent model to the one I own - this very seriously pi**es me off).

The unfortunate thing for Sony (in my book anyway) is that they have cried wolf far too many times in the past for me to put any stock in what they have to say for the future. Maybe the service will remain free, maybe it won't, it's hard to judge from a company who has spent this generation seemingly with their heads up their collective asses on what the PS3 actually is, does, and contains within.

Microsoft is no better mind you but at least they're honest on how much they screw you...for the most part ;) :P

PS. @thereapersson

Perhaps you had so many disagree's because you said you would pay for the service ? Which tells Sony, "look, I'm willing to pay, charge everyone else too" and Sony loves to see that, especially since they hit the ground so hard with "No Rumble, High Definition Games, and FREE NETWORK!!" I don't appreciate Sony's lies or obvious manipulation of what they already knew was going to be the outcome (charging for online service). Personally, I'll NEVER pay for a gaming service. To me, it's what's ruining gaming. Asking people for monthly/yearly fees to play their video games simply fractures the community between rich and poor, and that's just bogus. I don't know, I'm just hypothesizing.

With all that said, the warranty program is very nice, it is something I would pay for. They have one over in the UK and I was surprised to not see it over here in the West.

vhero2947d ago

We knew current services are gonna stay free anyways this is old news.

insomnium2947d ago

for the most part you are full of sh*t. How in the world can someone get upset for things that happen for reasons that are so OBVIOUS?

Exactly why and how has Sony hit the ground so hard because of rumble, free network and HD-games? You're going to have to explain that unless you want to get laughed at.

Blazian2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

The Regular service staying Free is Great, but I feel they should still give us FREE CROSS VOICE CHAT!!! This is something we all have been waiting for, atleast probably most. That would take SONY over the top compared to XBOX Live service that you have to pay for. Anything other than that, and it's smooth sailing from there for Sony. Other than of course just giving us upgraded Firmware regardless if u have a paid service or not. I'd like to see MKV support big time.

Rumor2947d ago

i just hope they dont add the options, make ALL the extra services available for ONE flat yearly rate. its too hard to choose otherwise.

gamer 1: "ha, i have an extended warranty with my subscription plan"

gamer 2: "well i have x game chat with my subscription plan"

gamer 1: "touche" *goes to change subscription plan*

we should all have the same plan as our friends, because (like kratos would say) "there will only be chaos"

cmrbe2947d ago

I would revolt if Sony charge for basic online. PS nation first, everyone else second. Including Sony.

vickers5002947d ago

"Really, I'd like to know what part of my statement upsets you guys so much that you feel the need to disagree without explanation?"

The fanboys probably think that you are a 360 fanboy posing as a ps3 owner. Your last line about having to get your ps3 fixed, well to them, the Sony is perfect and that they would never create a faulty product, so the only explanation that they could come up with, is that you are a 360fanboy, pretending to be a ps3 owner.

shawnsl652947d ago

Sony knows some of you guys want that cross game chat, that is why it's going to belong in the premium package. I for one, find that it's the most useless thing ever. Didn't use it for the XBL, will not use it for the PSN.

RememberThe3572947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

You guys actually thought that they were going to make you pay for online play? Kaz made it clear when he talked about it the first time.

So, if a it's not currently available on PSN right now, expect to pay for it later.

@everyonewhoisb*tching: Grow up. Sony doesn't love you, their in business; they need to make money. If you want features, they need to be payed for. What, do you think they going to come out of thin air, or that Sony is going to give you all that content for your birthday? Frankly, you sound spoiled.

How the hell are you guys making these mental leaps? They have not once even implied that they will charge for online play, you guys are just assuming it. I could understand if they had let it slip that they were thinking about it, but they having even done that.

Stop making assumption about your fears, and let it be what it is. What it is is a premium version of the PSN. For you guys who can't get that around your heads; it's a better version of the PSN. That does not mean PSN = Xbox Live. It's not going to be structured the same as Live. Sony is just looking for another revenue stream, they know that Free online play is a big deal to PSNers, they not going to take that away.

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pimpmaster2947d ago

anyone take a look at that chart. damn thats confusing as hell. ill be going with the 30$ one.

xabmol2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

That chart will be a little much for the average consumer. I thought they'd have learnt something from their multiple SKU confusion...

I'll be going with the $0.00 one :)

AssassinHD2947d ago

If it comes to pass I will get option 2, though I would be willing to pay more money for a premium service that contains everything on the list. I know I will get disagrees for stating that, but I don't care. I consider a premium service to be fair play as long as the ability to get online and play multiplayer games remains free.

terrorofdeath2947d ago

Great choice, I'm with you there :D

Rama262852947d ago

Has anyone noticed that "Early Access to All Store Content" isn't available on any of the options?

Also, I don't think it's possible to get every single feature without buying like 3 options - which obviously is stupid. They need to look at the option breakdown better to focus on the type of things they're offering.

For example, have an option for all the non-game things such as Netflix, Facebook, Music and Videos. Then have another for game related things cross-game chat, taken wagering, user-to-user challenges, trophy alerts, cloud storage and in-game content. Then have a PSN related one with access to betas, demo sharing, title trials, free access to games, discount on store content. Then just have an everything option!

thereapersson2947d ago

I.E., what options people would be MOST willing to pay for. I don't believe each "tier" will really be laid out in such a confusing manner.

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Sir Ken_Kutaragi2947d ago

.___.......___......___....._ __
||.....||....||.....||...||.. ...||..||.....\\
||___||....||___||..||...... ||..||......\\
||......\\...||.....\\..||... . ||..||.......||
||.......||..||......||..||__ _||..||___// ;-D


(p.s i would NEVER Pay to play online anyway, i.e i spent a lot on a Game im NOT going to spend more just to play it online??? Do i look STUP!D???) ;-D

ShinRyuHadoken2947d ago

So true. I'm not gonna pay extra for play online. I payed my ISP is enough. PSN premium will be a flop.

chrisulloa2947d ago

Lol, this guy makes himself look like an idiot every time he posts a comment.

PopEmUp2947d ago

isn't you and him are alike, except you trying to act smart which of course everyone know that you're a retard :)

bjornbear2947d ago

having a CHOICE is something very valuable as a consumer.

I'll have to consider this =)

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