Magna Carta 2 review - RPG Land

"It is deeply set in using extremely old clichés, character archetypes, and plots which we have seen time and time and time again over the last twenty years. The lack of good voice acting take the cliché storm even further from a possible nostalgic trip to a level that lies between obnoxious and criminal." -Ivan Taran

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Ninji3254d ago

I remember when the xbots were hyping this game up. They actually thought it would be a good RPG. What's even funnier than that is it's still going to be ported to the PS3 with extras. RPGs always flop on the 360.

Optical_Matrix3254d ago

Mistwalker would be stupid to make their next RPG project a 360 exclusive.

Yes_23254d ago

Were people hyping up this game? I got the impression that most people just assumed it would be as crap as the first game.

And it looks like it is. would think the devs would learn the first time around.

gaffyh3254d ago

Wow that bad huh? I wasn't really gonna get this game anyway, because it didn't look like my type of RPG, but damn 3.5 is very low.

knifefight3254d ago

If not the devs, at least the publisher did learn a thing or two. Atlus USA published the first one in America and ducked out of this one. Looks like the NA version of this crapfest was localized by Namco Bandai USA. Hey thanks for giving us this crap but not the PS3 version of Vesperia or Tales of VS., guys!