Allegedly Speaking's Least Likely to Brick Your Sh*t Award(Best 360 game of 2009)

I don't know about you, but my Xbox has had enough. After only a year on duty, the damned thing growls like the incessant rumble of an aged car engine near the end of its functionality. That is what inspired us to dub this years GOTY ballet for the Xbox 360 "Least Likely to Brick Your Shit." Amazingly my 360 actually got me through playing these great, console killing games without dying on me completely.

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Komega3279d ago

Good list, I cast my vote for Arkham Asylum!

Troll_Police3279d ago

Out of 10 games only 1 is an exclusive.

xabmol3279d ago

Are you playing the part of the bad cop?

bjornbear3278d ago

he is stating the facts.

He couldn't have expressed that piece of information any less formally if he tried (unless he used numbers only)


but still..... what is his point ?

he is just trying to start a Sh£$t fight. we all know it.

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The story is too old to be commented.