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saint_john_paul_ii3129d ago

oooh!!! Holiday PSN updates, Fantasic!

colonel1793129d ago

there is a Metal Gear Solid Collection in the store. I checked the blog and it doesn't say anything about it. Is it the same as the one released with MGS1, 2 and 3?

maskedwarrior3129d ago

It is just a category for PSP Metal Gears, Metal Gear Online and other Metal Gear related products.

harv0523129d ago

Yeah! Jack Sparrow Sackboy!!!

Cheeseknight283129d ago

Only Pixeljunk I own is Shooter, so the triple pack is PERFECT. I was going to get Eden and Monsters eventually, but now I get Racers free!

colonel1793129d ago

Thanks MoreCake, I couldn't check it. I got excited for anything :( ...


Xbox Avatars Shoe3129d ago

I got the SackBoy avatar :D

I want the Holiday (Dynamic Theme) but I have to wait until January. It looks exactly like the background of the current holiday-themed PSN store.

The Heavy Rain dynamic theme looks lame, or at least the preview makes it look lame.

Minimox163128d ago

i bought the Heavy rain theme and its cool! the details are fantastic.

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saint_john_paul_ii3129d ago

Heavy Rain Dynamic Theme and PSN Avatars!!!!!!!

TheBand1t3129d ago

Exclamation point!!!!1!!!111!!!1

Venomish3129d ago

heavy rain theme looks very cool. must buy
the game itself isn't though :P

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MajestieBeast3129d ago

Any1 know if that dynamic theme is any good?

CrimsonFox133129d ago

The Heavy Rain dynamic theme? I bought it. It's the background of the main menu in the game ( but animated, of course. It would be great if the screen didn't sway in every direction. That's very annoying. If it just stayed still, it'd be so much better. I'd say it's okay, though.

SmokingMonkey3129d ago

also ModNation Racers is a beast

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The story is too old to be commented.