Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Collection on sale tomorrow for $11

Been jonesing for a MMO fix? Tired of playing the general fantasy settings of World of Warcraft or Warhammer Online? Why not try something a little different? Sure, Final Fantasy XI is the epitome of "grind" but it can be fun once you get past it (or if your into that sort of thing).

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robotnik2860d ago

That's cheap. No wonder its an old game. Not for everyone.

himdeel2860d ago

...its not for the faint of heart and crushes time like food in the jaws of a professional eater.

Sarick2860d ago

They'd relaunch some PS2 copies again. All they do is sell PC and 360 versions. The PS2 software is hard to find even if the PS2 HDD is no longer sold.

Baka-akaB2860d ago

i doubt anyone into mmos wouldnt play it instead on a outdated pc than ps2 , in this day and age .

And those that would already got a copy .

KillaManiac2860d ago

What they shoulda done was release a copy of it for PS3 right when the PS3 came out.

Its too late now, but atleast FFXIV will be on PS3.

Arnon2860d ago

FFXI can be played on a backwards compatible PS3. When inserting the installation disc, it will prompt you to download a PS2 patch from the marketplace and will direct you to it, I believe.

I'm playing FFXI on my PS3 :x

NegativeCreepWA2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Actually I think it can be played on a non backwards compatible PS3,I think its the only game that can be. I think I read an article about a year ago about it, I could be wrong though.

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2860d ago
mfwahwah2860d ago

Heh, Final Fantasy ELEVEN for ELEVEN dollars? I get it!

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