Steam Holiday Sale Goes Live

Great news for PC gamers. Steam's Holiday sale has just gone live, offering awesome deals on tons of games, up to 80% off on some. Through January 3rd, you can get 50% off the entire Ubisoft catalog, 50% off the Eidos Collectors' Pack, 33% off Rockstar's collection and all 2K Games titles, 50% off all THQ games, 66% off the Unreal Pack and all Atari games, and there's a bunch of discounted indie games.

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Pandamobile2986d ago

Holy sh1t.

GTA IV for $7.50 is a steal.

evrfighter2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

I was just browsing through it and I cant decide which bundle I want DAMMIT!!!!

I'm picking up GTA4 for $8 for sure Tower Defense for $2

The Eidos bundle which has 20 games including Batman AA, The Hitman series and the Deus EX series for $49 is blowing my mind atm. I'm trying really hard to think rationally right now

It's a great time to be a pc gamer :D. So much good stuff to hold me over until BC2 comes out.

edit: after thinking rationally I picked up GTA4, Tower Defense, And the Unreal Pack

I'll pick up the Eidos pack next pay period

Arnon2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

This... is so awesome...I'm having some sort of 'gasm here... I just don't know what kind because I cant put into words how amazing these deals are. I hate you Steam and your ability to make us impulse buy all of your products.

Valve and Steam ftw.

Genesis52986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

This is great! I want to check out that game The Void it's only $9.99 and I guess I'll pick up Braid for $2.99. I'm tellin' their sales are crazy cheap.

I guess I should pick up Stalker for $1.99. It got really good reviews.

Saaking2986d ago

Wow, that's some awesome deals. I think I'm gonna go with the Eidos Pack.

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Pandamobile2986d ago

Also, let me point out that almost every game on Steam is discounted except for any of Activision's. Greedy whores.

evrfighter2986d ago

lol wtf

I'm amazed but I shouldn't be

inSaneELF2986d ago

Bobby Kotick: "MW2 50% off! Lol nah, that sh*t sells itself."

Letros2986d ago

Kotick "DISCOUNT?! HAH! They should consider the prices on our games a deal already!"

inSaneELF2986d ago

In for Eidos pack, Mirror's Edge and Defense Grid!

MajestieBeast2986d ago

wow stalker for 1.99 hehe def buying that.

Letros2986d ago


Now that I got that out, picked up GTA IV(though I have it for and World in Conflict.

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The story is too old to be commented.