X-Play's Golden Mullet Awards: Achievements In Failure

Check out the losers of X-Play's Golden Mullet Awards, pointing out the games that failed to impress in 2009.

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3281d ago
VladimirK3281d ago

X Blades did suck.
But no one can deny that the figure and art book in the Royal edition is pretty sweet.

And no matter what they say, I still want Darkest of Days.
Even if it's just to get the achievement for punching a horse.

RockmanII73281d ago

If you must, at least rent it.

VladimirK3281d ago

Yeah, unfortunately, (when it comes to this), I'm in Scotland and this is region locked to the US.
Don't really fancy buying an NTSC Xbox just for that when so much else is region free.