Team Fortress 2 Update Released

E4G: Yes, there is another Team Fortress 2 update that has been released.

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Pandamobile2916d ago

You say that like it's a bad thing.

goldene3552916d ago

I'm glad Valve actually updates their games regularly unlike many other developers.

dkblackhawk502916d ago

At least they fixed this :D :# Fixed the TFBots not reacting correctly to stun effects

Digital Commando2916d ago

When there's a bug for TF2, they fix it so fast. It takes IW 40 years to do anything with MW2...

dkblackhawk502916d ago

There would be downsides if Valve made Modern Warfare 2 and everyone knows that.

AnttiApina2915d ago

At least the PC version would get Dedicated Servers :D

led10902916d ago

Don't insult Valve by calling this just 'support'....this is madness:P:P

2915d ago