GamePro:MAG Preview

GamePro writes: "MAG is only a month away from release, and based on reactions from closed beta players it appears that the massive multiplayer shooter will make a big splash when it hits in January. We recently got a chance to talk to Zipper lead designer Ben Jones about how his team managed to handle the tribulations of such a huge shooter experience."

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nogolis3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

The thing I question is how relevant will this game be after a year. To me, and I am a staunch supporter of Sony and what they do, online games on the Ps3 have a window of opportunity attached to them and that's too bad. I guess all games do, but it really shows on the Ps3 I believe.

I booted up Warhawk for nostalgia last night and there were 4 servers and only 15 people on it. I couldn't believe it. I went in and started messing with my modifiers because I thought something was wrong and sadly there wasn't. It was just no one was on.

I fear Sony has a huge game on their hand here but won't be able to keep their near 30 million users wrangled inside the fences when it comes time to face online competition somewhere else. Hope I'm wrong because this is an ambitious prject for, not just Sony's console, but for all consoles in a matter of speaking. This is the game that could blow the gate open for console gaming and make Microsoft and Nintendo both try new things in terms of online expansion.

I'd hate to see sony be a victim of their own success again. It happened with Little Big Planet to an extent.

ThatCanadianGuy3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Yeah warhawk died.To be fair, it died a slow fighting death, i was on last month or so.There was about 10-11 servers full.MW2 put the final nail in it's coffin tho.

Shame really, Warhawk was great.I put over 100 hours into it.
I wonder if we'll get to hear about that rumored "Starhawk" at E3..

As for MAG, i'm not worried at all.Zipper has a very loyal following.
MAG will be played for years to come.Count on it!

Dellis3276d ago

I got a strong feeling this game will be a disaster, in terms of quality and in terms of gamers caring about it.

Zipper should had done what they wanted to do first, leave this to be a 3rd person shooter ala Socom, this whole going FPS will come to
bite them in their cheeks.

The game literally feels like it is supposed to be a 3rd person ala Socom game, yet it is first person view and it isnt dynamic feeling
or anything like other FPS feel.