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nogolis2916d ago

The problem here in lies is this - They had a great artistic approach in the 1st one and a decent set of mood. Kind of like its own thing going for it. Now. Now it looks darker and more washed out. More typical. More of what we've come to expect instead of sticking to its own track. It's like they carved a path and decide to use someone else's this time out.

I hate how when a follow up comes out they automatically have to make it darker. More mature. More gritty and more in your face. Sometimes things don't need to be so typical. How much of a shock would it have been if the game actually took on a lighter tone instead of a darker one? Ask yourself how much you would've liked the change of pace had the game been set outside on Mars opposed to dark corridors.

pansenbaer2916d ago

Calm down man. Its like 5 seconds of the game put into 10 screenshots. :) We don't know what the rest of the game will be like at all. Day one for me. Loved the first and I'm sure this one won't disappoint.

MEsoJD2916d ago

thats badass. ME WANT!!! NOW!!!! 0_0

Guido2915d ago

taken from a small few seconds of the game seems a bit naive. Let's wait until the retail release to pass judgement on the color palette.

Rock Bottom2915d ago

Dead Space had its own thing going?!!

News to me. Last time I played it it was a Resident Evil game set in an Alien movie environment with monsters from The Thing movie as enemies. The only thing it did on it's own was combining those in an excellent way and adding awesome sounds, oh and that no in game menu thing, but I doubt they were the first to do that.

I'm actually glad to see that the sequel is trying to do something on it's own instead of copying from others.

GrandDragon2915d ago

Looks ugly and compressed...

No seriously it does, it makes me depressed looking at stuff like this.

lovestospoodge2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

the first one was freakin insane. i really dont get why it sold less than 1 million on both consoles. also, if that last one is in-game, you think there will be puzzles like the ACII glyphs?

Skip_Bayless2915d ago

Uncharted 2 looks better. Looks like no game in 2009 will beat Uncharted 2.

bacon132915d ago

UC:2 did look amazing, just shut up already about it. Dead Space 2 looks like its going to be a winner, how people are complaining about a game that still has a year of production is ridiculous. And GoW 3 will be better than Uncharted 2 by far.

ThanatosDMC2915d ago

It looks like a church rather than a spaceship... maybe he's in some sort of space colony this time. I love that gun, btw.

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TheBand1t2916d ago

Cannot wait for it.

Got Epic Tier 3 Engineer months ago. Need more Dead Space. :)

jerethdagryphon2916d ago

was i the only one who found impossible mode to be really easy

Solidus187-SCMilk2915d ago

made it easy by smashing dead bodies and using certian strategies for monsters. It wasnt very hard but I thought it was better on the harder modes as it was much more intense.

kurochi2916d ago

wait for this game to drop. I got the first one for around 20 bucks. That was a steal for a game like this.

wiggles2916d ago

Already Pre-ordered it on amazon with that sweet $49 deal...have you heard of any new animated comic series like they did with the first dead space?

Unicron2916d ago

Can't wait! Real surprise hit of last year.

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