Ubisoft want to crack Japanese Market with major RPG

CC: Ubisoft are planning to break into the Japanese games market according to executive director Alain Corre.

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ruleroftekken2797d ago

Good move. A rival to Final Fantasy will boost things up all over the world. Not just Japan.

mjolliffe2797d ago

It'll be very interesting to see if they do bring a major RPG. Like he said, they're planning to get into the Japanese market with an RPG AS BIG AS FINAL FANTASY. They've got balls to even attempt that.

SpoonyRedMage2797d ago

It's funny when you consider that Square Enix publishes their games in Japan...

It might mean they're pushing the new Might & Magic game by Capybara, that could definitely appeal to Japanese gamers, and it's on the DS as well.

I'd say if they're talking about teaming up with an RPG maker though that it's probably Mistwalker...

mjolliffe2797d ago

Teaming with Mistwalker would be a very good move.

Chubear2797d ago

I was waiting for Sony to have one of their studios, like Sony Japan, do one rock 'em soc 'em JRPG like this. I wish Ubisoft good luck on that front cause it would be great to have more elite RPGs other than Final Fantasy all the time.

MURKERR2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

in japan and as a multi-plat worldwide,360 is not going to garner game sales or make your game successful in japan as greedy SE have painfully found out

Tony P2797d ago

Go for it, I guess. I don't see a heck of a lot special about Ubi publishing JRPGs.

badz1492797d ago

not another WRPG! it's hard for any western studio to do it but Ubi can set up a new studio in Japan just for JRPG and I think, that might work!

ChrisW2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

See absolutely NO need to try and break into the Japanese market... especially with an RPG! Seriously! It seems that Corporates are failing to understand that Japan is no longer the "must break into market" it used to be. Europe and America have been pumping out MUCH better RPGs, with fresher stories (no looser kids with soon-to-be-found powers here!), and more interesting mechanics.

Disagree with me all you want, but I think Ubisoft is wasting its time!

Noctis Aftermath2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

@1.9: While WRPGs have improved tremendously this gen, they are not much better then JRPGs, graphics and non-linearity are pretty much the only things WRPGs have over JRPGs.

OT - I would love to see this happen, a western developer making a JRPG, they would probably add in some of the better WRPG elements which traditional JRPG developers won't risk adding.
Ubisoft definitely have got alot of balls to try this.

mfwahwah2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )


It's not always about making money and seeing profits rise like a hot air balloon.

Sometimes a video game company just wants to make a great video game for people to really enjoy. So go ahead and feel that a company planning to make a solid game for potentially millions of people to appreciate is "a waste of time."

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Lavalamp2797d ago

I'm very interested in seeing how this RPG turns out. Japanese gamers love their RPGs. JRPGs tend to be heavily influenced by their own culture so I wonder how Ubisoft plans on tapping into this market.

Ninji2797d ago

Much like Splinter Cell.

mjolliffe2797d ago

You think the Splinter Cell series has flopped?

The next instalment is one of the most anticipated games of 2010 :S

Fishy Fingers2797d ago

They don't really "plan" to do anything, the quote is full of "if's" and it's clear they're exploring the possibilities at the moment, nothing more.

Lavalamp2797d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is a mission statement. They clearly say "Our mission." The only time the rep says "if" was when he was referring to the possibility of working with Japanese developers.

Fishy Fingers2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

"Perhaps someday our efforts will result in a major hit"

"If we can get a quality team of RPG-oriented developers"

"If we have a chance to work with Japanese creators"

Generally when you plan something, you dont rely on "if". It's when.

"but not any RPGs yet. Still, we're open to all possibilities"

Take note of the word, "possibilities" also "open to". Not "looking to", Like I said they're looking at the possibilities right now.

ruleroftekken2797d ago

but it doesn't say 'plan' once :S

He says 'I'd love to release one' - So they want to crack the japanese market with an RPG, if they team up with some RPG devs.

mfwahwah2796d ago

Thanks Captain Obvious! My reading comprehension is equal to a toddler's so it's great you could chime in with that wonderful interpretation.

Take this for what it is. Ubisoft will be looking into the possibilities now and taking chances when they see them instead of simply going "We're not interested in that particular market."

That's a significant difference in my eyes.

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Gago2797d ago


good luck ubisoft