G4TV: Bayonetta (360) Review

The struggle to describe what Bayonetta truly is proves to be as chaotic as the fast-paced action that drives Platinum Games' hack n' slash title. It's a love letter to PS2-era action games and Sega classics as well as a subtle jab at Capcom all in one fell swoop. The story might be about as coherent as someone describing an anime series after a three-day meth binge, yet the gameplay shines through, thanks to smart combat and great setpieces. At times, it evokes (and outpaces) the likes of Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden. There hasn't been a game quite as schizophrenic in its presentation in quite some time, nor has there been one nearly as well-executed.

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ngg123453279d ago

But it has obvious flaws. I hate how I have to read 2/3 reviews to even remotely understand what the game is about. I don't know how ign couldn't tell the person reading the review about repeating boss battles in the game. I haven't read one review that has told me the length of the game.

GWAVE3279d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

"I don't know how ign couldn't tell the person reading the review about repeating boss battles in the game. I haven't read one review that has told me the length of the game."

Welcome to game reviews. Vague and full of hyperbole.

It has happened many times before. Somehow, reviewers played a different version of Gears 2 than I did, because they apparently didn't play the horribly-broken online system (when the game launched) or the mediocre final boss battle.

EDIT: Uhhh, I'm not whining about the score. I'm agreeing with you: the reviewer should mention ALL aspects of the game, but most reviewers don't.

ngg123453279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

That is because it is a great game. I bet it is a blast. But not mentioning repeating bosses, among other stuff is just plain out wrong. It seems like a blast. A 9.5-10 game. But it still has flaws. Which should be mentioned.

deadreckoning6663278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

If they fix the PS3 version ill get it. BTW ngg is right. IGN didn't say anythg about the games length or the different difficulty levels or if u can use new weapons in your second playthrough.

Kevin ButIer3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Ups, sorry, what did you say?

yes yes, Bayonetta... right

Megaton3278d ago

It has repeat boss battles? That's the one thing that annoyed me about Okami. You fight Orochi 3 f*cking times, and it never changes beyond him having more defense later on.

Marceles3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

yeah it does, and you'll have to kill most of them twice throughout the game, the others just once

callahan093278d ago

What I don't get is how IGN gave the game a 9.5 for Lasting Appeal, but they don't tell you how long it is, they don't tell you what sort of incentives there are for replay value, they don't go into at all. So why does it get such a high score for Lasting Appeal? They should have gone into details and justified that score.

Lotard33278d ago

repeat boss battles? They didn't pull a DMC 4 and make you replay whole sections did they?

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deshon093278d ago

they could not make it just as good on the ps3 i will just skip it all together it not like 2 other games are not coming out next year and yes i ment 2 dates inferno and drak something ??? i did not put god of war in because that a done deal

Hakimy3278d ago

I'm sorry but fighting repeated bosses isn't really a big flaw to downgrade a game.its not like you fight the same boss on every level.just 2 times and it happened a lot in many games and nobody downgraded them for someone here said, in okami you fight orochi 3 times but i wasn't annoyed by it and reviewers weren't too and okami is considered one of the best and beautiful games out there and in japan it was ranked in the best 10 games of all time (too bad that didn't reflect on sales though).So you only downgrade a game if there is a major flaw which affects the gameplay and its fun factor,but doing that just because in the final level I face all of the bosses? I don't think so ;)

WildArmed3278d ago

I personally thought the DMC4 repeatitive boss fights were cool... except the last part with nero -.-

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