SFX-360: Sidehill Gouger Review

SFX-360 writes: "Eager to try my hand at the indie games my editor constantly raves about, I was given a code for Sidehill Gouger, the new puzzle game from developers Canned Games. Based out of Jacksonville, New Brunswick, this family founded studio has figured out the formula for success with their very first outing by combining engaging gameplay with beautifully illustrated artwork and that youthful curiosity that usually gets you in trouble. In Sidehill Gouger, gamers wander the wilderness as young Andrew, a boy whose imagination was sparked with Grampy's tales of mythical creatures. With only his favorite fishing hat and slingshot, Andrew explores a series of maps in a top-down view to make his way to the fishing creek. The goal of each stage is quite simple; find the Sidehill Gouger and knock him out with your slingshot in order to advance."

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