Rumour: Halo Reach Development Finishing by July 2010?

Split-Screen: "Some people may question Bungie's development time when it comes to Halo, especially after news that the company created Halo 3: ODST in only 14 months. Well, that may get all the more uglier as we've uncovered info regarding just when the so-called 'biggest game of 2010' Halo: Reach will wrap up development."

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young juice3281d ago

plsss bungie take your time

Chubear3281d ago

It think that's exactly what they're doing according to the article.

Blaze9293281d ago

Bungie has been developing Halo: Reach since the release of Halo 3 so that'll be about two something years. Yeah not bad timing. The beta of Reach starts in Spring then I guess they take the remaining months to make the multiplayer the same kick ass multiplayer everyone loves.

Still surprising how Halo 3 shipped with no exploits or glitches in the multiplayer - unlike Halo 2. Ulgh, those were the days. SUPER JUMP! But take 2-3 months for extensive testing + a beta and thats great.

MAR-TYR-DOM3281d ago

finish by july 2010, have beta august, release game in september
That gives Microsoft 2 months and 10 million dollars to start up the hype machine.

Saaking3281d ago

I agree, Bungie should take as much time and money as necessary. They have EVERYTHING at their disposal and I hope they use it to make Halo once again wow the world.

Rampant3281d ago

game will own holiday 2010.

StanLee3280d ago

I can't believe these people call themselves journalists when all they do is sensationalize the most trivial of things. It's well documented that work on Halo: Reach began soon after Halo 3 was released and a small team worked on DLC and Halo 3: ODST while the bulk of its staff pressed forward with Halo Reach. It's clear, the sound engineering for the game began somewhere in late 2009 when this individual was hired and will continue until the game goes gold in June/July for September ship which is to be expected as sound engineering is usually done when the bulk of the game is complete and this is when freelance staff. The writer of the article is an idiot; plain and simple.

gaffyh3280d ago

Not a big deal really because God of War 3 has already been developed, but is now being QA tested for the next few months. So as long as Bungie are also doing this, then fine. However, I don't expect the game to come in September, it will almost definitely come in November imo.

STICKzophrenic3280d ago

I think I read that ODST had been ready for a couple months before it released so that they could test the hell out of it.

Kudos to Bungie though. Halo 3 didn't have any glitches or exploits. Hopefully Reach will be the same way.

JonnyBadfinger3280d ago

Finishing by July sounds about right, clearly some people havent heard of the testing stages and classification ratings.

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GR8 13281d ago

Maybe they were working on it before odst, anyways the game will be the biggest game of 2010 guaranteed.

menoyou3281d ago

Nah, they probably started not too long ago and since it's a rehash piece of crap with the same graphics, same gameplay, etc. it'll be done soon. I nearly crapped myself when I saw. All that talk about a new engine and Geoff Keighley saying it would blow everyone away, lmao. It's so obvious that Microsoft just can't help but milk the cash cow.

talltony3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

The biggest game of 2010 will be bigger than 8 gigs "guarranteed"!

All seriousness though this game will be good. It just has to be. It's a true halo sequel with finally a new engine!

Edit: why you disagree? So you think the game won't be good? Come on guys.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

one of you mother fvckers has more than one account.

maybe (talltony) is the one.

i'm watching you guys.

edit, well someone's definitely using more than one.'s either that or someone from the other zone that's doing it, either way, there's more disagrees than there is people talking.

Mike134nl3281d ago

As long as the game lives up to it's hype a short development cycle is a good thing. Not all games need 6 years of development to play and look good.

SixZeroFour3281d ago

all 3 halo games had about a 3 year cycle, odst had 2, this one is another "close to" 3 year cycle

Perjoss3280d ago

ODST took 1 year and 2 months to complete, not 2 years.

blue7xx73281d ago

Well not shocking many developers finish a month or two before the actual game launches they just polish it more and I'm guessing Halo Reach will be released in september of next year since practically all halo games have been release around that time in september.

FantasyStar3281d ago

While it's ok to assume that Bungie releases their games in September. But this is where speculation comes in.

Does Microsoft release Halo Reach in September to kick off the Summer Drought? Or does Microsoft release Halo Reach in November to soak up the Holiday sales? Halo and Halo 2 released in November, but Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST released in September. And we can all agree that the only reason Halo 3 ODST was released in September was to avoid MW2.

Chubear3281d ago

Remember, ODST was finished early this year and they didn't work on it 'till launch. They just kept it locked up for months and had the staff move onto other things.

This is what the article is trying to get across here I think. That they're looking like they're going to d the same thing they did with ODST and not like what other games typically do in polishing the game 'till literally a fortnight b4 launch.

I would think fans maybe concerned about this but meh, they know their fanbase pretty well.

Xi3281d ago

But it i think the beta is more likely to end in july.

3 months? march, june, july? Then another 2 months to balance out the multiplayer, then a month of pre-production before going gold?

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