MAG Open Beta Today For Everyone

MAG Beta 5 is that you'll be able to download the client in North America starting today, December 22! Additionally, PS3 owners in Asia can start downloading the file on December 25, while the European store will make it available on January 4. Keep in mind, though, that you won't actually be able to play the MAG beta directly until the servers go live at 5am Pacific on January 4. But what's so great about MAG Beta 5? Well, to start, it will take place worldwide - so if you're in a territory with a PlayStation 3 and an Internet connection, you qualify to be a part of it. What's more is that you won't need any special permissions or code keys to participate, you'll just get it and go! Complete access to the game's 64-player sabotage and 256-player Domination modes are pretty good reasons to get excited too.

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sugard03284d ago

Oh GOD! I dont think I can be bothered to download that file all over again ;(

I hope it gives you the option to shut the PS3 off once download is finished, because I'd rather do it whilst I sleep, so I dont have to go through the trauma of the equivalent of watching paint dry.

raztad3283d ago

That option is present since Beta 4. Beta 4 was quite a breeze to download. I guess you were among the first beta testers :)

Venatus-Deus3283d ago

The only thing this game has going for it is the large number of players.

Everything else is done better by other games and it does a lot of things very badly (IMO)

I’d even put money on it that it will only score high 70’s or low 80’s on Meta.

It could have been epic; however the numbers just don’t work. Shame, I’ll wait for heavy rain.

anh_duong3283d ago

well as far as i am aware the beta is only downloadable but not playable so before you go to bed set it to download and switch off automatically. it's not too difficult.

HappyGilmore23003283d ago

mag is such a bad game. i was in the first beta and i played about 10 hrs and i couldnt do it anymore. this game sucks and only diehard fanboys say otherwise.

masterg3283d ago

"I hope it gives you the option to shut the PS3 off once download is finished"

Just set you PS3 to turn of after being idle for x number of minutes.

raztad3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

@Guys above

My first comment wasnt accurate. The 1900+M data download still happens on foreground so you cant tell the PS3 to turn off when it's done. When the download is complete, it installs itself automatically and fire up the game so I'm not sure if the PS3 will be "idle". I needed to quit the game and turn off my PS3.


You need to give MAG another chance. Game is leaps and bounds beyond the beta you played, not to mention this beta seems to have a lot more modes on and more people will be in. It will be the perfect chance to judge the retail game.

anh_duong3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

i haven't downloaded this beta but if this is a downloadable psn beta (like modnation) - not an update of the beta (i.e. updates that you must download even after you already downloaded the game) - then you can download in the background and get the ps3 to shut down automatically.

i will find out tonight when i get home so see what type of update it is but i have a feeling that it is like modnation whereby you don't have to update the beta once you downloaded it.

GWAVE3283d ago

Sweeet! Can't wait to play this game. The huge maps and huge number of players is one thing, but Zipper definitely seems to know what they're doing when it comes to organizing all of that chaos. Bye-bye to those wimpy 8 vs. 8 battles that we've had to tolerate on consoles for so long...

Venatus-Deus3283d ago

I'm going to try it again, because I wanted it to work. My comments below say that I don't think it has (so far) but I really hope that it has changed.

Is there still a invisible ceiling that frags can hit? I guess those bugs were taken out by the 4th beta.

sikbeta3283d ago

Maybe diehard xboyz are a bit jealous

Don't worry pal, you can still play a huge 5 vs 5 game on your Console of choice without any lag or glitches....oh, wait:

mikeslemonade3283d ago

I think at the very least im going to play a lot of this game and have fun even if it's not a very good game. I mean if you throw 256 dots in one screen and you control one of the dots and 255 other people control the other dots that's already fun. There's lots of things you can do like try to break the game and sabotage your own team lol. That's always fun to do things like that.

mfwahwah3283d ago


A fanboy will never have an open mind. They'll stick to their guns no matter what their target is.

By saying: "this game sucks and only diehard fanboys say otherwise. "

You are are actually acting JUST like them. "My opinion is a fact and you're wrong wrong wrong!"

jjohan353283d ago

I've been part of the early beta as well as the late beta (when I pre-ordered the game). Unless they added more weapons or maps, I've had enough of assaulting or defending the same maps over and over again with the limited number of weapon choices.

I personally think MAG is just a stepping stone for Zipper. The network architecture is something they'll use for a much better game down the road.

ikkokucrisis3282d ago

It seems like every Beta release has more bugs in it than the previous version! I mean, invisible vehicles?! Come on!! This game is becoming another SOCOM

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i_am_interested3283d ago

lame how you cant play it until january 4th

Delta3283d ago

Any Ravens in the House!?

raztad3283d ago

SVER here! but I played some RAVEN with a second character to get the feel of it.

rbluetank3283d ago

i can not wait to see any changes they have made and to play it again... i love the mag beta. i am buying this game. i just hope i can still play bad company 1 sp while downloading. bd1 sp is rinse and wash. pretty much the same fighting ares over and over in the sp. i was hoping for more after paying $20 dollars for it but it is what it is. the MP is the shiat though!!! i love the mp so far. mag is just soo far above most games out there now... i just find out that i can not do anything but download mag beta... lol time for a long nap while it

free3sixty3283d ago

The last BETA from MAG was horrible.

I dont think this game will be ANY good. The graphics really suck, the aiming sucked in the Beta too.

But it was only a beta of course.. we will see.

Hanif-8763283d ago

You don't even own a PS3 you troll!

OmarJA-N4G3283d ago

Says the bot who plays Halo...

Oh please the Beta got a lot of positive feedback & it's fun as hell, beside you don't own a PS3.

abc12333282d ago

dreaming of playing the MAG beta is not the same as actually owning a ps3 and actually playing it in real life delusional xbox fanboy.