Avatar: The Game DLC For Free

E4G: Ubisoft just tweeted a very special Christmas gift for owners of Avatar: The Game.

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Automat3218d ago

this game is so bad, free DLC is the least they could do.

dkblackhawk503217d ago

Eh, it isn't too bad of a game.

dkblackhawk503219d ago

Gotta have more weapons :P

weazle3218d ago

Really? How about giving out some free DLC for a game that people actually care about. They are probably banking on this free DLC generating more sales. Good luck with that!

dkblackhawk503217d ago

I highly doubt that this would generate more sales. It was just a way of a developer saying thanks for buying.

LinuxGuru3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

They should be forced to pay people to take the DLC for anyone dumb enough to buy their movie-game-advertisement.

dkblackhawk503217d ago have called a ton of people dumb right there. For shame :P

3217d ago