Evil Avatar: James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Review

Evil Avatar writes: "Avatar is the movie event of the year. Whether it makes back its reportedly massive budget remains to be seen and Ubisoft will be hoping its popularity carries people into their local game emporiums to pick up this tie-in. With the co-operation of the titular director Ubisoft have promised a game that stands out from the crowd and delivers a powerful companion piece to Cameron's CGI fueled epic. With a longer development period than most licensed games ever have the luxury of have they managed to pull it off?"

The Good

* Plenty of missions, keeps you busy if nothing else.
* Aside from some framerate issues the game looks good.
* It includes 3D. I guess that's a good thing.

The Bad

* Seems designed in order to not tie-in to the movie as much as possible.
* Clunky controls for humans, vehicles, Na'vi and other creatures.

The Ugly

* The Na'vi having their mobility reduced to old people standard.

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