The Premium PSN is named 'Qriocity'?

Excerpt from IGN: "The service may already have a name.

Sony filed a new patent for "Qriocity," which as Siliconera points out, will be used with "portable gaming machines and game services provided on-line from a computer network." This would continue a trend of Q's for the company, which already uses "Qrio" and "Qore" for other company products and services."

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Death24943283d ago

you're a little too late with posting this. Besides none of this is fact. People are getting all in a whoo hah about something that hasn't been confirmed. Just wait for CES2010 people, it start January 7-10.

WildArmed3283d ago

The list of features of the premium service looks too good to be true. So I'mma wait for an official press release and not hype this to be a God-send.