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RUSE Beta Hands-on Preview by IncGamers

That RUSE beta was fun for the people who managed to get in. For everyone else (and those who might have missed any details of the beta), there's the beta hands-on preview.

A short snip from the article:

"Before you say "oh noes, not another WWII RTS", be aware of what they are attempting to achieve with the game. The whole point of RUSE is to trick your opponent into thinking you are doing something you are not. During WWII the allies utilised cunning methods to trick the enemies into thinking they were better equipped than they really were by deploying dummy tanks for example. RUSE adds elements such as this and other tactical features to keep the enemy at bay and lead you to victory." (PC, PS3, R.U.S.E., Xbox 360)

DeepThought  +   1958d ago
can't wait until i get my hands-on with this game!
Leord  +   1958d ago
I guess you were not one of the lucky few in the beta? :)
Cogo  +   1958d ago
I think that includes most people tbh...
MostJadedGamer  +   1957d ago
I preordered R.U.S.E. yesterday cann't wait to kick off the 2010 gaming year with it on Feb 3rd
The game is NOT street dated(I asked a Gamestop employee) so that means most of us will have to wait until Feb 3rd to get it(instead of Feb 2nd its current release date). I sure hope it is not delayed because the next 2010 game I am interested in doesn't come out til March 23rd(Just Cause 2)
Leord  +   1958d ago
I know the guy who "won" the leader board for the RUSE beta :)
Cogo  +   1958d ago
That guy with a girl's name?
DeepThought  +   1958d ago
yeah, he was pretty proud. he wasnt shy about it
kerriganss  +   1958d ago
That'll be me, and i can even link to it :P

Meh, was the 2v2 leaderboards.

And yes, i was proud of it, it's not as easy to manage as one'd think..
Maticus  +   1958d ago
It sounds thoroughly intriguing actually, must give this a try.
Fyzzu  +   1958d ago
Interesting idea. Going to have to give this a whirl.
Medievaldragon  +   1958d ago
Hmm, a game based on bluffing? Fake tanks?
Leord  +   1958d ago
It's a very cool idea :)
invalidsyntax  +   1958d ago
is the beta still going? i have a key if anyone wants it.
invalidsyntax  +   1958d ago
We are pleased to announce that the R.U.S.E. VIP Beta Test will launch Monday, November 30th.

Starting Monday you can enter your Steam key: ZSF2E-3DHIC-YTDSW-837TY-23DYW directly into the Steam client to download and play the game by following the instructions below:

1. If you are a first-time Steam user go to http://www.steampowered.com... and download the free Steam installer. Save the Steam Install file to your computer. Run the ‘SteamInstall’ application to install Steam.

2. Launch Steam. After launching, go to the Games menu to “Activate a Product on Steam” and enter your key.

We can’t wait to see what you think and get your feedback. Enjoy! .

The Ubisoft Team
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