360 Magazine: Mass Effect 2 Impressions

To the sound of much rejoicing (and possibly some excited squealing from some quarters) we got our hands on the Mass Effect 2 review code. We can't say much, nor would we want to, because from the very first second, ME2 establishes itself as a game that demands to be played with as little prior knowledge as possible. Having said that, we can talk about our playthrough of the first 30 minutes in general terms. No spoilers are contained herein then, unless you thought the game was going to be rubbish.

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MrAngryEyz3280d ago

better brush up with yet another playthrough of Mass Effect 1 to bide my time

Marcus Fenix3279d ago

I've been waiting 4 this sequel since I've finished the 1st game, im also glad that they r making this game better than the 1st in nearly every way possible, there have been alot of games where sequels don't live up to the originals, UC2 proved that sequels can be miles better than originals so cheers 2 ND and lets see what Bioware's ME2 stands against ME1 when the game comes out, peace.

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