Metro 2033 Release Date to be Announced Soon

CC: The Metro 2033 Official twitter has just notified the community that a release date for the game is soon to be announced.

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ruleroftekken3277d ago

Got high expectations for this. I know I can't make my mind up without seeing gameplay but the screenshots look brilliant!

hitthegspot3277d ago

Great... Now I'm going to be watching this too...

StanLee3276d ago

Set your expectations lower. If this game was a triple A title, there would be a steady stream of media building hype for it's release. You haven't really seen that. It may surprise but I expect it to be a very generic, run-of-the-mill shooter.

Half-Mafia3276d ago

@ruleroftekken, this is a bit of gameplay in this trailer.

concept of the game looks cool but i would rather see more footage then a release date.

_insane_gamer_3277d ago

Kept an eye on this since it was announced. Looking good :D

mjolliffe3276d ago

Definitely looking forward to this :D

Want some gameplay soon as well!

Excalibur3276d ago

I understood it was releasing March 16, 2010

bacon133276d ago

Yea, I was just in my local mall and saw a release date of mid March as well. Hope this game lives up to the awesome previews presented so far.

kevco333276d ago

Yeah, I heard March too.

ironcreed3276d ago

I have a good feeling about this one. Hopefully it will live up to the potential it is currently overflowing with.

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