Eurogamer: Crackdown 2 interview (part 2)

By now you've had time to read part one of our interview with Crackdown 2 producer James Cope and development director Gareth Noyce. Although, you know, fair enough if you haven't. It's only our livelihood.

Moving on, today's second installment covers the progression from Crackdown 1 to 2. There was supposed to be some sort of theme to this, as part of a carefully coordinated PR campaign, so we didn't really pay attention to that and just asked some questions about things in game two, some of which were in game one. It's probably cool.

Read on to find out how the Freaks work, what the mission structure's like and what Crackdown 2 has in common with Harry Potter.

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Cajun Chicken3279d ago

So hyped for this, dare I best say the 360's best original IP exclusive since launch?