Monster Hunter 3 overseas release delayed

Capcom has announced that the overseas release of Monster Hunter 3, along with Lost Planet 2 and Super Street Fighter IV have been delayed.

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Valay3283d ago

For those wondering, Dark Void is expected to be released on time.

GameGambits3283d ago

I'm kind of glad. I doubt I woulda had the cash for Lost Planet 2 if it was expected in March. March has FF13, God of War 3, Resonance of Fate for sure that I'm buying. That's over 180 dollars there, so a little breathing room to complete all 3 of those before Lost Planet 2 is nice for me. :)

qface643283d ago

i have to wait even more for MH3 :'( nuuuuuuu

gaffyh3283d ago

I'm kinda glad that Capcom delayed these games, but why they didn't delay Dark Void I have no clue. That looks like it's gonna bomb like Bionic Commando

ThanatosDMC3283d ago

LAME! That sucks. I was really hoping to get my hands on Lost Planet 2! I just hated how we need to go from zone to zone like in Monster Hunter since the first had gigantic maps.

I also, hope that the game would have at least 200 gigantic boss fights if it's going to be mission oriented like this anything less than that would make it a crappy mission game especially with 4 people since we'll end up finishing the game way too fast. There better be a ton of missions. Hopefully they will keep improving LP2 with this delay.

Oh well, good thing they're not delaying Dead Rising 2.

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SpoonyRedMage3283d ago

Noooooooooo, I hope it's only a month or so.

Roper3163283d ago

smart move by Capcom. Do they really wanna release LP2 in the same month as FF XIII, GOW3, SC-Conviction, GT-5 and Yakuza 3 to name a few? That would just be asking for the game to fail at retail.

himdeel3283d ago LP2 in the spring it's suicide. I'd release in mid summer when usually there's little to play. The release calendar cluster kcuf of early 2010 could be called the result of the MW2 affect.

All these games moved back to get slammed in the early part of the year. Now there's so much to buy again and inevitably something is going to be overlooked and fail from a sales prospective.

The first half of 2010 is bloated with games and somebody's getting screwed. Developers would be better served spreading their games out over the year to give their games some breathing room.

hitthegspot3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Nice forecast... Nothing like getting a 3+ month jump on your forecast for fiscal year ending March 31, 2011

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