Top 25 Games of the Decade: #4 - Deus Ex

"Blending genres, Deus Ex was a mesmerizing title that delivered so many innovations that the rest of the industry took almost the entire decade playing catch up.

Calling attention to the choices that the players make, Deus Ex was much more than a game – it was about providing a world of possibilities. With many possible solutions presented to the player, Deus Ex had enough replay value to supply several titles. The level of freedom compelled players to return for multiple playthroughs.

Emphasizing a concern for intelligent dialogue and a narrative worth playing through, Deus Ex was always in the mood for giving. It gave and it gave and it gave till the point it never stopped giving."

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athmaus3283d ago

I haven't gotten to try this game out...always wanted to as it looked really good =)

Viewtiful3283d ago

It was basically the Bioshock of 2000.

Caspel3283d ago

Deus Ex was a masterpiece.

Kyrwolf3283d ago

Deus Ex was the first game that had me sitting back and uncertain of who was playing what game, who my character could trust and who needed to be dead. And it was the first time I recall seeing rag-doll physics in play with sniping a bad guy. Great game.

3282d ago