VidZone reaches 2 million fans; becomes biggest music video streaming app

From PS3 Attitude, "VidZone, European's online music video on demand service, has reached 2 million fans who have watched over 200 million video, making it the biggest dedicated music video streaming application in the world."

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RedDragan3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

I use this quite alot!

It is a great service. I never seem to have issues with download speed and the quality of the footage is really good when compared to youtube in most cases cause you can go full screen on a 40" HDTV with clear sound quality.

I just wish more music companies would sign up, although I expect Warner Music Group to be one company that will resist forever as they are the perenniel scrooges over the entertainment industry.

Even so, I only use Viszone for online music.


The popularity is well deserved, it has a great UI and is really slick to use. The only possible improvement they could make is to somehow integrate it into the XMB so we don't have to physically open an app and just have it pop up. Apart from that I give it full marks.

sikbeta3282d ago

I ENVY you EUROPE, enjoy this Awesome Service for me XP

RedDragan3282d ago

Of the PS3's superiority over the bland 360.

Media Center's pi55 all over last gen consoles.

Nathan Drake23282d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.