IGN: Bayonetta 360 Review

Overall, Bayonetta is gorgeous, stylish, entertaining and deliciously unique. To say that it is my favorite action game yet is an understatement. Kamiya and his team at Platinum Games deserve a round of applause (and perhaps a few platonic hugs) for their incredible work on this project. Bayonetta will remind you how cool videogames can be.

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Bungie3277d ago

Best Hack n Slash i've ever played in my life

and i played them all

kewlkat0073277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

SEGA you've done it again...Great new series to add to the GENRE. Sorry Kratos...she beat you to the party early 2010.

Day 1 here. Obviously, I'll be getting GOW3 as well but a good start to the year nevertheless.

Always get my multiplatform games on the 360 until otherwise.


Rikitatsu3277d ago

Do not let fanboysim prevent you from playing this masterpiece!! get it now!!

anh_duong3277d ago

oops ps3 got only 8.2 from ign uk.. xmas is cancelled...

StanLee3277d ago

Let's be honest here, the PS3 version is the fat, ugly sister.

deadreckoning6663277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Crap, I ain't buyin it then. I have this pre-ordered right now for the PS3. But if the PS3 version is THAT bad then I don't thk I should buy it. Guys if u have a 360 I STRONGLY urge you to buy this game. The demo was excellent!

I now realize the immense hate for this game from PS3 fanboys. They KNEW the PS3 version would score lower than the 360 version.

Expect to hear the whole "What IGN says doesn't matter anyways cause their biased" mantra from the PS3 fanboys once they get over here. Bayonetta is the FIRST AAA game of 2010 and its BETTER on the 360? WOW, I'm luvin the irony right now :)

@presto- If ur not interested in Bayonetta, then why are you here????

evrfighter3277d ago

the ps3 faithful are nowhere to be found :(

presto7173277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Why do you always talk so much sh!t?


I'm a ps3 faithful. Here I am. I played the demo and what I did not like was not the jaggies or the "screen tearing" or any of that. The game tries to copy DMC but it just fails. Dante's inferno might be a complete clone of GOW, but that does not stop it from being a good game. Bayonetta is just over the top cheezy.

Even if I had an xbox that has the "superior version" I still wouldn't get it. Why? Cuz it sucks. Bayonetta is a crap game. END.

Thats my opinion. Dont try to tell me I'm wrong cuz I don't give a f**k what you think

mint royale3277d ago


I despair.

*slaps forehead*

'It sucks.'

Just look at the review scores! Even the ps3 version which is a shoddy port got a very good score!

Eamon3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

@ presto717

"The game tries to copy DMC but it just fails."
You do realise that Bayonetta was made by many of the key developers that made Devil May Cry.

"Thats my opinion. Dont try to tell me I'm wrong cuz I don't give a f**k what you think"
Oh the irony, if you care about individual opinions why don't you respect others. You sound like this 'tard:

presto7173277d ago

Lolz. Okay my rant was a little strong, but I'll just leave it there so other replies make sense.

It's just that I honestly dont like Bayonetta, and the fact that platinum games made a crappy port just pisses me off even more. If they made DMC, then I feel they screwed up this time. But that is my own opinion. People can like the game if they like the game. That doesn't affect what I think.

AllroundGamer3277d ago

let me guess, you started to play games on the xbox360 right?... sorry but God Of War is the king in the Hack n Slash category.

JokesOnYou3277d ago

Looks like another multiplat better on the 360, even multiplats like Ghostbusters that were ported from ps3 to 360 end up better on 360. Every year it gets a little better for ps3 multi's but then theres always a few games that remind us how unless you spend a ton more cash 'n resources on the ps3 version it will never be equal to the 360 version=FACT, all that and 95% chance the ps3 version will earn less profits....hmmm, yet some still believe sonys weird logic that complicated=more powerfull, yet pc's are easily more powerfull and still has less complicated architechture, its a shame 3+ yrs later ps3 is still paying for that decision.

Glad to see Bayonetta turned out to be a great game.


Gothdom3277d ago

I never liked DMC, so I don't like this game, but my impressions of the demo are that thay just remade DMC with a female character and way too much inuendo.

If you need that, there's the internet, turn the safesearch off on google and have fun.

tordavis3277d ago

PS3 version is fine. Don't let reviews sway you. I've played the demo on both systems and didn't see that much of a difference at all and that was just the demo. If you only have a PS3 and want this game, get it.

umair_s513277d ago

Action genre:

Xbox: Bayonetta(Superior) + Ninja Gaiden 2

PS3: Bayonetta + Ninja Gaiden Sigma + Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 + GOW 3

W/0 counting GOW collection, and dante/DMC is multi. P.S: I love to be a fanboy!

Saaking3277d ago

lmfao, so you 360 fans are treating it like an exclusive now? Isn't that kinda sad? It's Mutiplat not exclusive. Just like MW2 is also multiplat.

Eamon3277d ago

lol, who's treating it as an exclusive?

STK0263277d ago

I don't see why alot of people seem to be comparing Bayonetta with GoW, both are hack n slash games, but are extremely different in their execution. If Bayonetta is anything like DMC (which I assume it is), it's much more fast paced than GoW, relies more on flashy combos than gore and, as far as I'm concerned, is much more difficult. To me comparing games like NG, DMC and Bayonetta to GoW is like comparing the old Rainbow Six titles (pre-Vegas era) to Halo, both are FPS, but in very different settings, speed and overall execution.

From what I've seen and played, both games are awesome, but very different.

bacon133277d ago

Can't wait to play this game and get laughed at by my girlfriend. I just wish this was DMC 5 instead, oh well. Bayonetta can be the queen of hack n' slash, but there can be only 1 king and he goes by the name of Kratos.

Marceles3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

"1.6 -
the ps3 faithful are nowhere to be found :("

lol I imported the game at launch and platinumed the PS3 version and I'll still admit the 360 version is better from framerate to sharper graphics to load times. With that said, the game isn't that close to perfection (9.5) but it's one of the most fun action games I've played in awhile.

"with Bayonetta’s first five hours enthralling and its latter seven absolutely mesmeric"

I beat the game on my first playthrough in 9 hours, the first few levels aren't bad...some people are flopping the game just by going by the first chapter demo and they don't know what they're talking about. The latter hours IGN is talking is absolutely epic. THAT'S why you should play the game. The beginning of the game is nowhere near how amazing the game gets toward the end. You guys have no idea until you play it for yourselves. First few not bad, a little slow, but the later levels + increasing your arsenal with new moves and weapons + amazing soundtrack + better story that gets more serious and makes more sense than DMC + epic boss fights = incredible action game. I actually plan on buying the 360 version from Gamefly when it launches.

cmrbe3277d ago

PS3 faithful here.

I am not buying second rate crap on my PS3. I have just lost all respect for Hideki. Not because the PS3 version is crap but because he couldn't care enough to make both version on par.

It would have been better if this game was exclusive to the x360.

Dark General3277d ago

I'll be buying this on Ps3. I've said it hundreds of times before but this game looks like everything I expected from DMC4 and more.

mal_tez923277d ago

God of War, Devil May Cry, Heavenly Sword and the Bayonetta demo all just invovle mashing buttons over and over.

Limited interaction and repetitive gameplay make me hate these games.

we won3277d ago

Looks like was up to their old tricks as usual. What for Eurogamer.

ShadowCK3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

I'm sorry for all Playstation Fans here. Really I am. It sucks that you cannot enjoy Bayonetta as much as the Xbox 360 version but at least you guys have still got God of War III!

TheDeadMetalhead3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Hmmm. Has to load everything? Must have been a Sonic 06-level of load times for the PS3 version to lose 1.3 from its score. DO NOT WANT.

@StanLee, evrfighter, Deadrackoning, JokesOnYou - Grow the hell up. ---->

odisho683277d ago

the demo was fun and all the action was awesome...but is it just me or does bayonetta seem way too powerful?? Even the bosses were way too easy...overall the demo was fun and the reviews prove that the game will be as well

Major_Tom3277d ago

This game honestly kinda just sucks :/.

Alvadr3277d ago

Dont think there is any fanboyism in it. The game got 1.3 points lower on the PS3.. Fanboys fight over 0.1 of a score, if a game is getting 1.3 lower on the PS3 I wouldnt even bother paying the same amount of money for a clearly lessor version of the game on a different system.

I wont even be buying either version of the game, after watching the video review and playing the demo this game is nothing special.

The Shadow3276d ago

played the game, it was great fun. one of the best if not the best action game at the moment. enjoy!

7thNightvolley3276d ago

the ps3 version was held bk by the 360 version of this game ... besides the guy that is in charge i heard he got an extra 2 million dollars for best quality on the 360 from MS...*cough cough*

ps3 fans like me.. lets boycott this game.. DO NOT BUY! low production titles... !!!

Aquanox3276d ago


"Buyers beware, however: the 360 version is vastly superior to the PS3 version on a technical level, so PS3 owners fortunate enough to own a 360 should absolutely avoid the PS3 copy. For more info on the discrepancy between the versions, feel free to read my full review of the disappointing PS3 port."

It's not a marginal difference like most new games but instead, the many technical problems on the PS3 version can distract a lot from the experience.

Darrius Cole3276d ago

Where did you hear that, got a link.

edhe3276d ago

Tried demo, mashed buttons, got bored, deleted demo. Not for me, but nice to see a japanese dev (?) lead on 360.

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Omega43277d ago

Seems like this will be the first AAA game on the 360 for 2010 next up Mass Effect 2

Cold 20003277d ago

Then comes Splinter Cell: Conviction :D

ReBurn3277d ago

2010 is shaping up really well!

Bnet3433277d ago

You forgot BioShock 2, FFXIII, and Alan Wake. Damn, and that's just the first half.

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va_bank3277d ago

Once people read the PS3 review of the same game, this place will turn into a zoo, with modding, banning and restrictions to open zone...

It's not about Microsoft paying people off and not about PS3 not being able to handle a simple hack-n-slash. It's about SEGA trying to cash in on PS3 owners at the last minute before Holidays.

I strongly urge PS3 owners to spend money on OTHER games, be it exclusives or multi-plats, but DON'T SUPPORT MONEY-GRAB efforts, otherwise they'll keep the lazy ports coming. Sure, many will say "I'll make up my own mind, why should I believe IGN". Well, hope it will be worth your $60+ to find out.

Optical_Matrix3277d ago

saw the review. For those who don't know, the PS3 version got 8.2 due to excessive load times, ridiculous frame rate drops and slowdown. All in all, looks to me like the PS3 port is a disgrace to gaming. Heck I'll still buy it on PS3 as I have no choice. I'm a Wii/PS3 gamer.
But at the same time I'm now reluctant to support pure laziness by the hands of SEGA.

va_bank3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

I don't have a 360 either, but at the same time I swore off any multiplats that are not of the same quality as the other versions. They give you an inferior game and expect us to pay the same price? Not me.

The only case I remember where they had the decency to admit it was when Capcom released Lost Planet on PS3. They knew they did a bad job, so the game came out costing $39.99 out of the gate, if I remember correctly.

Guido3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Knowing they have done such a horrible job in porting it I will have to just skip it entirely. Sorry, but I agree with the idea of not supporting money grabbing tactics and on top of that there are too many great games out there to put up with pathetic ports. This game was never enough to get me to turn my 360 back on. Besides, when does GOWIII come out? It's only a matter of time when we get to play the real deal and not just another imitation.

STK0263277d ago

Like Visari once said, "the madness...the madness begins", and it sure will. Like you said, the place will likely be zerg-rushed by fanboys from all side, either claiming a victory (over what? who knows) or dissing the overall game by claiming it's not a good game anyway or not on the same level of another title.

Either way, after reading the review, seems like I'll be renting it on 360, might buy it if I like it.

IdleLeeSiuLung3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )


No one would be the wiser.

deadreckoning6663277d ago

Va_bank I was ready to buy this for the PS3, but this IS indeed a DISGRACE. What is this 2007??? Bad PS3 ports NEED to stop, so I'm not supporting it. I LOVED the demo, but I'm not buying an inferior product.

lonestarmt3277d ago

guys its silly not to buy it on the PS3, if you only have a PS3. They ported it over because they figured it would sell more on 360( a big mistake because of different fan base) If you dont buy it then that justifies what they think. The only way to stop this crap is to buy the game, make them see there is money to be had on PS3 and then they will try better next time. If they think it won't sell they will try less. ITs common sense. Honestly though I'm still going to get on PS3, because I can't tell you how many games I got on PS3 that they said oo its so slow and long load times, and there was literally only a few seconds difference.

STK0263277d ago

but isn't buying this somewhat bad port (I'm using somewhat since it would appear the game is still playable and enjoyable, unlike some earlier ports, think FEAR on the PS3, which came much later than the 360 version and was inferior in every way to the 360 version, which was already inferior to the PC version), encouraging developers and publishers to continue to give PS3 users inferior versions?

Let's say you're the head of SEGA, you make and publish a bad port, people buy it, so what's stopping you from making other bad ports? Chances are that the guys at SEGA (which handled the port) will simply think "hey, these suckers are buying it anyway, why should we bother making better ports in the future?". Of course, if no one buys it, there's also the chance that they will see the PS3 market as non profitable, and stop publishing on it. But seeing the growth of the user base, for both the 360 and the PS3, I doubt publishers will be willing to ignore one or the other, hence the lost of most 3rd party exclusives, like Quantum Theory going to the 360 or ToV and SO4 going on the PS3. With the increased development cost, most publishers want to get their games on both the 360 and the PS3, however, many still believe that a shoddy port is enough, and that is unacceptable.

va_bank3277d ago

If you're content with table scraps, by all means go ahead and support this. There will be no reason for them to actually hire PS3 developers if they see that people will eat up whatever crap you feed them.

But I agree with STK026. The message has to be that people buy games for PS3, but only GOOD games. Take that $60+ and buy a Sony exclusive or a good cross-platform title, like EA has been making (I still can't believe I'm saying this).

TheDeadMetalhead3277d ago

Is anyone really surprised? I mean, this IS Sega we're talking about here. The same people who have released crappy Sonic games for the past 10 years. The same people who release terrible "hardcore" Wii games and cry about it when Wii owners don't buy their crap. :/

wpggamer3277d ago

How do you little kids who don't know anything about programming, know that sega was just cashing in, or was incompetent. Maybe they ran out of time, and had to get it to market. I just can't stand this group of Monday morning programmers that come out of the woodwork every time the ps3 version isn't as good as the 360 version. If you're so damn good, then you program for the damn thing. Why don't you idiots spend time explaining the finer points of picking your nose, or scratching your asses, since that's probably where your expertise lie.

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Bluemaster773277d ago

O man didnt think this game would score this high might have to actually pick this up , LOL @ the PS3 version smh

Eamon3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Wow, high score.

Edit: Why the f*** do I have 3 disagrees?
LOL, are the fools trying to say 9.5 is NOT a high score. Looks like the lowest scum of the earth are at N4G.