Wii Fans Need Love, Too

Gamer Limit writes "Three years into the console's life and developers are still afraid to touch it."

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syvergy3279d ago

The Wii is truly a redundant console.

Somnipotent3279d ago

unremarkable is more like it.

Solidus187-SCMilk3279d ago

but nintendo gave up on pushing the boundaries(tech wise) a long time ago. I buy new consoles because of the new tech and the wii seems to be old tech with a new controller. Its not bad at all for the market its going after but its not for me. When nintendo starts to push the boundaries of console games like they did with mario 64 and Ocarina of Time then Ill buy their systems again. LOVed my nes, snes, and 64 and will always respect Nintendo for what they have done but now Im overwhelmed with all the PS3/360/PC games.

I am very intrested to see if some of the profit they get from wii will translate to a New console that combines nintendos innovation with new and powerful hardware.

ico923279d ago

did anyone actualy hear the ign nintendo podcast ? it was shockingly unprofessional , i was actually offended by it they demeand an entire fanbase the same fanbase that subscribed to their podcast

ChickeyCantor3279d ago

Obviously you are missing the point where Sony and MS also want to cater to kids or girls or housewives for that matter. Ps3 and 360 offer content for kids too and by your mentality you are only destroying what could actually be better for your future set of gaming consoles, Money = win. Luckily you are only one out of the few who think that.

I know it sounds like marketing PR BS, but im just being realistic here.

" like they did with mario 64 and Ocarina of Time then Ill buy their systems again"
Despite the fact it still offers great games, you are still willing to miss out. To each his...own...i guess.

Solidus187-SCMilk3279d ago

I just think that its obvious that PS3 and 360 cater more to people of my age and a wii has way more appropriate games for kids. I know there are games on the wii that id love to play because I love games.

And talking about zelda and mario, the 64 versions of those franchises will probably be as complex as they will ever get. At least I really feel that to be true with mario at least. I played a little of galaxy and it seemed like a simplified, barley evolved mario 64. Mario 64 was complex and just mario and a bunch of crazy moves. Pure 3d platforming goodness. I think the newer marios and zeldas would be great for new gamer who have never played the old 3d ones, but at least to me, Id find them lacking something.

Take the different mario games for instance. Think of the jump between mario 1> mario 3, then mario 3 > world, then world> 64. I dont see the same jump from 64 to the next Mario games.

Im not talking about the grafix, but I really liked how nintendo pushed the limits of the 64 and gaming with these games. Even on nes and snes they did it.

Mario 1 to mario 3 both on the same hardware, seem to be like more of an evolution of gameplay than the jump from mario 64 to galaxy 2 systems later.

sikbeta3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

"developers are still afraid to touch it"

What the HELL that suppose to mean?

This article is trying to say that Devolpers don't push the boundaries with games

lol why they're going to do that?

Why Develop a HUGE game when you know Casuals only buy wii-fit, wii-sport and everything related to Mario

Better do a quick buck, earn some money and Develop for PS3, PC/xbox 360


I'm not downplaying Nintendo first Party titles, just Third Party Devs can't do anything to compete with Nintendo exclusives

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JQ3279d ago

Poor nintendo fanboys.

SpoonyRedMage3279d ago

My DS is my favourite system but recently I've been playing my Wii more and I've been playing it a lot more than my 360, the 360 is there for Left 4 Dead 2 now.

I have plenty of games to play but they're mostly smaller profile games that are under the radar. The Wii is lacking the big blockbuster games with only a few major third party titles coming; Red Steel 2, Monster Hunter Tri and Epic Mickey really.

The argument against Epic Mickey being on the Wii are funny though. Which reminds me I still need to pick up Spectrobes: Origins at some point...

DangerCurtis3279d ago

This was a very well written article. There is a lot of Wii bashing for things it never intended to do. Nintendo made a stance, set out to go in a different direction than Sony and Microsoft, and has done a pretty good job of it. Good enough that Sony and Microsoft deem it necessary to implement motion control. What's more amazing is that the price of the system still hasn't dropped.

hatchimatchi3279d ago

the price dropped a few months ago

hatchimatchi3279d ago

That sentence right there makes the article irrelevant.

Yes, it should matter especially when you are comparing systems.

"With the frequency of “Wii is a failure” pieces being published, you would assume that there aren’t any Wii fans among enthusiast gamers, much less those who would rate it above the 360 and PS3. That’s not true, though. There are such gamers.

I am such a gamer."

No duh you're such a gamer, you don't own anything else.

If someone prefers the wii over something else, awesome! Power to 'em. To claim that such and such is better without having something to objectively compare it to is silly imo. Not all games are rated M on "HD" consoles, Rare & others have games on the 360, PS3 has Little Big Planet, Ratchet & Clank, etc.

I think this is a classic case of a nintendo fanboy convincing himself that HD and high production values are bad. It's like he's actively trying to justify to himself why it's ok that nintendo is stringing him along. Hang in there buddy, the longer you hold out the shorter that line will be for wii2 on it's launch day.

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