Nvidia castrates Fermi to 448SPs

IT LOOKS LIKE we were right about Fermi being too big, too hot, and too late, Nvidia just castrated it to 448SPs. Even at that, it is a 225 Watt part, slipping into the future.

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Letros3276d ago

But these boards are not the GTX 3XX variants, 3-6 gig cards are the Tesla Supercomputing cards.

markbob3276d ago

It looks like you are right they are just talking about the Tesla, so hopefully they'll get things figured out for the 300 series

Nihilism3275d ago

they are the tesla cards, and if i'm not mistaken, that particular card is basically the gtx360 equivalent, the most powerful single gpu will likely have 512 as nvidia said the cards will have 'up to 512'

Celeras3275d ago

Semiaccurate. Charlie. Nuff said.

Nihilism3275d ago

i'm pretty sure there is a news filter to stop junk baseless articles getting approved, too bad his site isn't blocked from here...

kwyjibo3275d ago

Only he was right about Fermi "being too big, too hot, and too late".

Anyone who believed that nVidia's lies that Fermi was going to out this year is an idiot. They've known all along that it wasn't ready, but constantly spew out PR to try and introduce doubt into those who would want DX11 now.

It makes it hard to have any sympathy for nVidia, when it's clear that ATI have a product - and they don't.

Zhuk3275d ago

Doesn't surprise me, Nvidia's entire approach to chip design is flawed in terms of the size of their processors, they should copy ATI by trying to keep die sizes at more realistic levels.

frjoethesecond3275d ago

I'd say amd have more fabrication plants than nvidia and they could well be manufacturing transistors for both gpu's and cpu's in the same fab's if the die size matches.

Should this really be in the open zone?

frjoethesecond3275d ago

Really looks to me that ati have a better handle on gpu's these days. I wonder if amd tech and resouses are a contributing factor.

Anyway, I think my nvidia fanboy days are nearly over. They have been behind ati consistantly for a long time now and i'm getting sick of second best stuff.

LightofDarkness3275d ago

Well, Nvidia have been ahead really for the last two generations by a considerable enough margin, the GTX295 has been the fastest single card solution and the GTX285 has been the fastest single GPU as well, until the 5970 and 5870 respectively. So really, AMD/ATI have only been ahead for about 2 months.

frjoethesecond3275d ago

I feel that those speed increase werew brought about by clock speed hikes and more memory etc. I was noticing ati were adding features and reducing transistor size and tdp and generalyy making smaller, cheaper, better designed cards that were better value for money and felt like a step in the right direction.

Point taken though.

Nihilism3275d ago

ati has used the same basic architecture since the 2000 series, I don't know where your 'ahead on the tech' thoughts come from, I havn't seen any 5000 series stock anywhere for more than a month, they did a very very limited launch just for bragging rights, and have been low on supply ever since as they are suffering from the same manufacturing issues as nvidia as they are both using TSMC, ati's real re-design 6000 series won't be out until late 2011, and by then nvidia will have steamrolled ati yet again

evrfighter3275d ago

It seems that Nvidia's specialty these days is "rebranding"

It's tough to see a company change as much as Nvidia has. Downplaying DX 10.1 and DX 11 while hyping a technology that only does well in multiplatform games is disheartening.

If they don't come out with something great then I won't be able to get my 5870 cheap :(

FantasyStar3275d ago

Exactly, We need Nvidia to show up AMD/ATI so we can get better deals on our GFX cards.

What I'm trying to figure out is what is taking Nvidia so long?

dirthurts3275d ago

Until the 4xxx series. Since then I've been ati all the way.
You can't beat the value.
Running a 4890 now, and it's amazing.

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