FFXIV FAMITSU Scans Reveal Character Customization Options

A few scans have been "leaked" from an upcoming issue of FAMITSU with details about Final Fantasy XIV's character customization process. Customization options include things such as skin color, initial clothing styles/colors/patterns, bust size, waist size and more!

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Optical_Matrix3283d ago

Looks great...So many games in 2010 >.< For goodness sake

GrandDragon3282d ago

Yep sure does..

I have a question, do all the races have both female and male genders??

Myst3282d ago


Galka are male only

Mithra are female only ( selectable wise, since it was stated that males rarely venture out )

vhero3282d ago

looks a lot more customisable than ff11 thank goodness.