Armed Robber Shoots GameStop Employee

An armed robbery at a GameStop in Orange Country, Florida didn't end well for the employee behind the counter. It was only a few minutes after the store had opened when a man entered the store, held the employee plus a customer at gun point and robbed the store.

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TheDeadMetalhead3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Maybe the employee tried to sell him Rogue Warrior.

Seriously, though, that's terrible. I hope they get the guy. At least the employee lived.

Kreyg3251d ago

I mean, the guy got a Wii, so I'm guessing he offered him Anubis II or Ninjabread man.

Still the guy didn't need to shoot the employee. He did everything he wanted.

deadreckoning6663251d ago

The guy got the Wii and STILL shot him for no reason?? WOW

Mr_Bun3251d ago

Heading should read: Armed Robber Shoots Unarmed Robber

ThatCanadianGuy3251d ago

Shame the guy got shot over something so trivial..

But still.. LMFAO! Man that comment made me laugh.+Bubs

sikbeta3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

"Hi, I'm A Douche!" below the picture is priceless lol

Too bad for this employee, but he's OK after all

This Pathetic guy shoot someone for a wii, poor soul...

OMG! lol @ this R€[email protected] in the comment section:

Posted December 22, 2009 at 12:48 PM

yay + 1 wii sales "

Unbelievable XD

zeeshan3251d ago

What a looser!!! I hope and pray for the employee's early recovery

bacon133251d ago

@ Mr. Bun

LMFAO. That comment has win written all over it. That's why I kept dual akimbo model 1887s behind the counter when I worked at Gamestop, for situations like this. But, in all seriousness hopefully the cops do their job for once and catch this pathetic SOB.

Mista T3251d ago

I'm talking about the robber of course :P

I bet he stole an expensive tv too and wanted to game in hd, talk about disappointment when he plugs in his wii and turns it on :P

Consoldtobots3251d ago

this is what happens when you have politicians who are more interested in maintaining their own power and control over society instead of fullfilling their oath of office and ensuring it remains a FREE AND SAFE ONE. That being said it is they who perpetuated this culture of weakness so starkingly highlighted by most peoples fear of much less knowledge of how to use the same weapons that are being used against them. There was a time in this country where someone like this perp woulda been shot down by other citizens before he made it to the corner (not to mention that the shop-keeper would probably blasted him through the front window first). In a society with laws that restrict your right to self defense the only ones at an advantage are criminals who don't obey the laws in the first place.

enviable273251d ago

I wonder if him asking if he wanted to pre order something, got him to cross the line. lol

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Noob3251d ago

Is it just me or do most of these GameStop robberies take place in Florida?

Kreyg3251d ago

you know, there have been a lot of instances where people do horrible things that are related to video games in florida.

A few weeks ago you had the guy who fell asleep on his kid, the kids who burned their friend over $40, and there was one more I forgot, but yeah, this stuff always seems to happen in florida.

GodsHand3251d ago

It's the everglades i tell you, it has to be. Or was it that they are a peninsula.

HowarthsNJ3251d ago

Google it:

New Jersey, Texas, California, Georgia...

meatnormous3251d ago

One just happened in Columbus Ohio, they stole mostly 360s and PS3 though. At least they had some taste for real consoles.

Another news site mentioned what was stolen.

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dkgshiz3251d ago

I remember walking around Pensacola,FL once. It was a very scary time. The downtown was nice though.

theIMP3251d ago

LOL, really Pensacola is scary to you. I live in Pensacola and it's not scary LOL. Don't ever go to Birmingham or New Orleans. I am not bashing I just thought that was funny, what part was so scary to you. Then again I guess me and my boy might be what was scary leaving nothing for me to fear. I really always thought of this area as pretty conservative. I was just joking about me being scary BTW, although I guess the "upper class" does look at me cautiously sometimes.

kraze073251d ago

I was in pepsicola earlier this year for A skool and it didnt seem that bad. I mean I was able to tell which areas were the "hood" and I pretty much expected them to be bad. I did think I was gonna get jumped or shot by these dudes one night walking to walmart though.

artistadam3251d ago

sounds like a desperate father trying to get something for his family for christmas... i mean, if he were robbing for himself, he would go after a PS3 or xbox... but, going for a wii just proves his situation...

shooting the employee though made no sense... you can add a few more years to his prison sentence if they ever catch him...

Kreyg3251d ago

Yeah that sounds likely. He shouldn't have shot the guy though. That's what makes this whole situation worse. There was NO need. He just felt like shooting someone it seems.

Wolf8733251d ago

but why would he shoot him? Either the employee did something to provoke him or the robber was just mad.

kraze073251d ago

He shot the guy because he was nervous and didnt know what he was doing. I don't condone armed robbery, but I grew up around crooks and they always tell me that if you're going to rob someone you go in knocking heads and if someone tries to make a wrong move then you let the gun spark. In this guy's case his mind wasn't on the loot. Sad what happened.

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