Erotic Game Comments On Erotic Game Controversy

In the wake of the Rapelay controversy, Japanese erotic games have come under intense scrutiny.

The Ethics Organization of Computer Software in Japan banned the sale of games with forced sexual situations after an outcry in the Western press over Rapelay, a niche game released a few years back.

Some game adult game developers have cut themselves off from the West, while one dev is looking at the entire situation with a sense of humor. On December 18, new ero title Shinobiryuu was released in Japan. Before starting the game, the following title screen appears...

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Baka-akaB3282d ago

The idea of an ethic committee on games is ludicrous at best . Anyway congratulations to all the involved parties , you've turned a mediocre games appealing to a handful of pervs , into a society phenomenon .

Banned ? More like smaller online store selling it far more , and illegal downloads going through the roof .

All that while , in a quite classy and hypocrite way , USA , eu and asia is enjoying , and legally , fantasy rape porn movies , with real live actress this time .

But kudos and great job !

barom3282d ago

Ahh geez can't people put this Rapelay articles to death already. We've heard it a million times now. Why dont we take a look at what we western gamers approve of shall we? Manhunt, a game about torturing the victim in the most painful way possible. Postal, a game that has no purpose but to piss on humans (literally). I mean seriously look at pretty much every shooter and it is pretty much killing people without a true cause (sometimes due to story being terrible). I mean come on people, raping is bad but there are worst stuff out there and some if not all of those stuff are in the games that we currently play.

Redempteur3282d ago

i failed to see anything différent BEFORE and AFTER the rapelay "event"

Lilith , teatime are stiill doing the same things and the smaller companies are still making their games as usual ..

NOw they are banning more foreign IPs but that's It ..

3282d ago
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