Japanese Retailer Won't Buy Back Xbox 360s?

Kotaku writes: "In Japan (like in many places in the world!), there is a strong culture of selling back used games and hardware.

Japan especially is quite good about keeping instruction manuals and boxes in pristine shape as many who purchase gaming goodies do so with intent to sell back in the future.

For retailer TSUTAYA, the Xbox 360 does not appear to be part of that future."

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RedDragan3282d ago

I think the have to give at least some kind of guarantee, and so that is very risky with a 2nd hand 360.

Companies in Japan are starting to avoid it, which the are probably right to do.

If I was a company I wouldn't take such a risk with such a faulty piece of hardware.

Bluemaster773282d ago

Man i dont even see how you would dare to agree with this blatant act of nationalism , thats why i dont support japanese games besides MGS because they are Auto Biased against foreign products just imagine if the rest of the world treated Japanese products as they do everyone else s they would FAIL hard f*^k Japan

darthv723282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Considering the initial cost of the system in JP it looks like it wouldnt provide enough of a return on the reselling. Like what gamestop does. You may have games that you feel are worth a certain value and when you opt to trade them in, they give you squat for them. Rather than try and trade them in, best to sell privately.

I dont know if in JP they have a craigslist but I am sure it is more lucrative for the seller as well as the buyer to do a private sale. The fact a store wont buy it back shows they have no vested interest in making a profit off the resale if they can't mark up the price accordingly.

This reminds me of when I went looking for dreamcast games a year or so after it was pulled from the market. Tons of ps1, n64, but DC games were no where to be found (except ebay). Stores that specialize in second hand games wouldnt touch them. There wasn't enough $$ in it for them to try and sell.

NateNater3282d ago

Well if Japanese consumers don't want to buy 360 in the first place, I can understand why the retailer wouldn't want to buy them back either. 360 is simply a hated console in Japan.

Roper3163282d ago

why buy what you won't be able to resell? Look @ the 360 numbers in Japan on a monthly basis, they are way beyond abysmal so it makes sense to me.