Heads-Up' PlayStation Store Update (22nd December 2009)

Mike Kebby writes:

"It's the last update of the year; I can't believe it! I think we've made inroads into improving the store this year, and of course I have high hopes that we'll carry this momentum on into 2010.

As with last week, we're feeling generous, so I have some codes to give away (these codes will be for one piece of content available via the store) – there is no competition to enter, I'll just be reading all the comments and giving codes out to those I deem the best comments made. Think of this as the blog version of 'letters of the month' you find in print magazines I'll respond on the blog to tell you you've got a code, and then I'll send it to you via a PSN message."

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vicheous3277d ago

Yeah Premium avatars FINALLY!

Xbox Avatars Shoe3277d ago

About damn time they release Premium Avatars!

BTW are there any pictures of the avatars? I can't tell since I'm using my phone and if I have web pictures enabled, web pages load REALLY slow.

Comet3277d ago

PREMIUM AVATARS! $0.25 each, $1.00 for whole LBP Avatar Pack!!! ;D

pain777pas3276d ago

Will crash team racing work on our PSPs and PS3s? I never knew the game was out already.

eyyup3277d ago

finally some updates !!!

Ares84PS33277d ago

...mostly it's discounts. Sad really.

BldyShdw3277d ago

Is a good update in my opinion, even if its not EXACTLY what you wanted lol its building toward greatness.


Letros3277d ago

Vagrant Story! Now all we need is Xenogears!

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