GTA IV The Lost and Damned coming to PC

According to upcoming cover from French PC Jeux magazine, GTA IV The Lost and Damned is heading to PC. (See cover's bottom for announcement)

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Nihilism3197d ago


GTAIV was a terrible game, GTAIII, vice city and SA all brought something new, GTAIV was the only one of the 4 that actually took features away, keep the DLC...

wxer3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

well since it didnt sell on the 360
maybe it'll sell better on PC
and maybe at the end its coming to the PS3

Guido3197d ago

And a dollar short. In the end, waiting over 18 months for the full number of DLC packs to hit the market is pathetic and completely destroyed the basics of DLC. They should have followed the DLC layout of Fallout 3 and released the DLC as fast as possible. Oh well, the base game was not that good anyway so any DLC is bound to be equally as bad.

sinncross3197d ago

So the odds of seeing the DLC on the PS3 has increased?

I don't think the DLC will sell that well being late, but if Episodes of Liberty City does see a 2010 release for the PS3, it will nevertheless strengthen the solid PS3 lineup for next year.

justpassinggas3197d ago suddenly a Microsoft exclusive.

Oh well, good for me and my kickass PC.

solidt123197d ago

Im waiting on PS3 version.

darkmurder3197d ago

I just hope we get gay tony so we can base jump

sikbeta3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

GTAIV was a terrible game, so?

More content is always better, there are people that like the Franchise enough to support this game, even if it's [email protected]

SilentNegotiator3197d ago

It's okay, it's a "Microsoft exclusive"


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Charmers3197d ago

Yeah PC gamers have known about this for 6 weeks now. Since the last patch Rockstar added the Lost and Damned achievements to the PC version. They also changed some of the game files in preparation for the DLC and added a new command line "-uninstall content" which apparently "uninstalls GFWL in game content".

If you then factor in the complete silence from Rockstar (ie no denial) and the fact that if anyone mentions the PC TLAD achievements on Rockstars site they get threatened, there is only one conclusion you can come too.

I used to be a massive GTA fan but right now the way Rockstar has treated the PC community makes me want to tell them where they can shove their DLC. The PC version of GTA 4 is horrendously broken and I am not about to give this childish company any more of my money.

Vip3r3197d ago

No surprise then. Next it'll be Halo 3 and then just about every 360 exclusive will be available on the PC.

champ213197d ago

except pc gamers couldnt careless about gaylo or any other milkbox exclusive for that matter.

Nihilism3197d ago

haha, what do you mean apparently were jealous of alan wake, all I can say is thank god a shooter lite/action game doesn't taint the pc games library

krisq3197d ago

So 360 exclusivity is over?

Bobby Kotex3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

there's was nothing all that 'exclusive' about the 360 to begin with, unless you count Halo 3 and Gears 2. I have a gaming PC and a PS3 and I definitely don't feel like I'm missing out at all. People gaming only on the 360 are the ones missing out.

PotNoodle3197d ago

Well i won't be buying this one, because i already have it for 360, but i'll buy Gay Tony for PC if it comes out.

I loved GTA4, own all 3 versions, PC, PS3 and 360, PC version, despite it being a pretty bad console port is still the best version.

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