Premium Avatars arrive on HK Playstation Store

Premium Avatars for you Playstation Network profile have finally appeared on the Playstation Store, at least in Hong Kong.

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taco_tom2373280d ago took sony long enough to release avatars lol.i hope these come to the us store.

silverbeld3280d ago

And they charge for it? It should be for free!

Mann Sony is starting to be same as M$ screwing they're own fans.

zeeshan3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

"However, there's a good chance that they could them later today when the store updates."

The least that these guys should do is proofread their articles! Sheeshhhh!!

siyrobbo3280d ago

sony are a company trying to make profit, same as MS, same as nintendo, aem as any company really

Xbox Avatars Shoe3280d ago

About damn time they release Premium Avatars!

BTW are there any pictures of the avatars? I can't tell since I'm using my phone and if I have web pictures enabled, web pages load REALLY slow.

Chubear3280d ago

I wonder what these premium avatars will look like. They've got to be much better than the regular free ones for sure but @ a price tag of $1 I'd think it's possible they could be animated in some sort of way or maybe come with a custom background for the avatar sigs.

I hoped the website had some pics or vids for us to see :(

rockleex3279d ago

For a reason.

Sony might eventually release Free Avatars too.

Look at PS Home. Lots of free stuff, tons of premium stuff.

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Delta3280d ago

LOL its only been a couple of months. I guess better late than never.

PotNoodle3280d ago

Some coming out in the EU store update this week too.

DigitalAnalog3280d ago

Logs-in to HK account.

OH by the way guys, you can download Minna-de-Spelunker with English subs as long as you get an HK PSN card. Aweseome game and I don't know why it hasn't reached US shores yet.

-End statement

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